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Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2006-17

cross-site scripting through window.controllers

April 13, 2006
Firefox, Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird
Fixed in
  • Firefox 1.0.8
  • Firefox 1.5
  • Mozilla Suite 1.7.13
  • SeaMonkey 1
  • Thunderbird 1.0.8
  • Thunderbird 1.5


shutdown demonstrated how to use the window.controllers array to bypass same-origin protections, allowing a malicious site to inject script into content from another site. This could allow the malicious page to steal information such as cookies or passwords from the other site, or perform transactions on the user's behalf if the user were already logged in.

Thunderbird shares the JavaScript engine with Firefox and could be vulnerable if JavaScript were to be enabled in mail. This is not the default setting and we strongly discourage users from running JavaScript in mail.


Disable JavaScript until you can upgrade to a version containing the fix.


Exploit code and details embargoed during the active update period.