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AI for the people

We’re seeking 25 visionaries using AI to drive social impact, offering them global recognition at our Dublin awards event. By sharing their stories widely, we’ll amplify their work and connect them with a community dedicated to supporting responsible AI initiatives that benefit humanity. Know an innovator making a difference with AI?

Nominations are now closed. Follow us @Mozilla and stay tuned for the announcement of the Rise25 award winners.

Join us in spreading the word

Share the Rise25 call for nominations and help celebrate those shaping the future of AI to benefit people, not large corporations.

Nomination Categories


Guiding AI towards a responsible future.

These are the policymakers, activists and thinkers ensuring AI is developed ethically, inclusively and transparently. This category also includes those who are adept at translating complex AI concepts for the broader public — including journalists, content creators and cultural commentators. They champion digital rights and accessible AI, striving to make AI a force for societal good.


Developing AI through ethical innovation.

They’re the architects of trustworthy AI, including engineers and data scientists dedicated to the principles of open source, open data and open science. They focus on technical proficiency and responsible and ethical construction. Their work ensures AI is secure, accessible and reliable, aiming to create tools that empower and advance society.


Reimagining AI’s creative potential.

They transcend traditional AI applications, like synthesizing visuals or using large language models. Their projects, whether interactive websites, films, or digital media, challenge our perceptions and demonstrate how AI can amplify and empower human creativity. Their work provokes thought and offers fresh perspectives on the intersection of AI and art.


Fueling AI’s evolution with visionary ventures.

These daring individuals are transforming imaginative ideas into reality. They’re crafting businesses and solutions with AI to meet societal needs, improve everyday life and forge new technological paths. They embody innovation, steering startups and projects with a commitment to ethical standards, inclusiveness and enhancing human welfare through technology.

Change Agents

Cultivating inclusive AI.

Challengers lead the way in diversifying AI, bringing varied community voices into tech. They focus on inclusivity in AI development, ensuring technology serves and represents everyone, especially those historically excluded from the tech narrative. They are community leaders, corporate leaders, activists and outside-the-box thinkers finding ways to amplify the impacts of AI for marginalized communities. Their work fosters an AI environment of equality and empowerment.

Who’s shaping the future of AI? We’re on the hunt.

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Why should I nominate someone for Rise25?

The selected honorees will be celebrated in Dublin this August and invited to join the Rise25 cohort with past and current winners and part of the Mozilla community. Mozilla will be covering the flight and hotel expenses for the honorees and a plus one.

How much does it cost to enter?

There are no nomination fees or costs associated with the nomination form.

How will honorees be notified?

Mozilla will reach out to honorees via email later this year.

Who can I contact for more information?

Give us a shout at