State of Mozilla

Keeping the Web Open for All

This is the Mozilla annual report for 2014. It highlights activities for that calendar year and is accompanied by detailed financials and our non-profit tax filing.

The Web is an invaluable public resource, a global platform capable of generating tremendous positive change. It unlocks economic opportunity, connects far-flung people and ideas, celebrates diverse opinions, and empowers educators. In a word, the Web is extraordinary.

The Mozilla project is devoted to keeping the Web extraordinary. We believe the Web should be open, inclusive and accessible, a platform that uplifts people around the globe and is not controlled by a small handful of corporations and governments. To keep the Web open, Mozilla builds products, organizes communities, helps people learn about the Web, and runs advocacy campaigns to mobilize people to stand up for the Web.

In 2014, we built and improved products like the Firefox browser and Firefox OS at a time when the need for openness grew even stronger, especially as the mobile Web started to resemble the desktop before Firefox. We’re carrying this momentum forward into 2015 and beyond, focusing on providing choice and enhancing users’ control online. In 2015, Mozilla launched Firefox for iOS, and unveiled Private Browsing with Tracking Protection.

In 2014, Mozilla also grew our educational programs and tools like Hive Learning Networks and Webmaker, empowering the next generation to develop and use digital literacy skills that will keep the Web open. We brought together talented and diverse leaders through the Mozilla Festival, Mozilla Developer Network, Mozilla Science Lab, and the OpenNews journalism initiative. We launched the Cyber Security Delphi, a comprehensive research project to better understand security threats on the Internet. And we partnered with the Ford Foundation to launch the Open Web Fellows program, a global initiative to develop technical leaders capable of defending the Web.

Powered By Mozillians

Much of Mozilla’s work is made possible by Mozillians, passionate volunteers who span seven continents and speak more than 80 languages. Our community is diverse, but our mission is singular: to ensure the Internet is a global public resource open and accessible to all. Mozillians are teachers, coders, designers, writers, and activists with a profound respect for the open Web. They play a central role in building and fuelling a broader movement for a free and open Internet.


This annual report details Mozilla’s audited financial statement for 2014. The majority of Mozilla’s revenue stems from Firefox browser search partnerships with companies like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Amazon, eBay, and others.

Mozilla’s work is also supported through grants and individual donations. These contributions fund Mozilla’s nonprofit work in education, journalism, science, leadership development, and other fields.