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State of Mozilla

A Web For All

The Web is a distributed, global platform, which, in just two decades, has irrevocably altered nearly everything we do: how we perform our jobs; elect our governments; invest in our educations; pursue our passions, and engage with our friends and families.

The Mozilla project works to bring independence and choice to the Web so that everyone who uses it recognizes they possess the agency to shape it. We build communities of citizens who are passionate about the opportunities of a free and open Web, and who have the skills and know how to take control of their online experiences. We build products that showcase the vast capabilities of the Web and enrich people’s lives. Our mission is to keep the Internet accessible, so people worldwide can go beyond being users of the Web to also become creators and citizens of the Web.

In 2013, we advanced this mission through products including: Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android; Firefox OS; Content Services, and Cloud Services. We also ran a number of education and research programs such as Webmaker, OpenNews, the Mozilla Science Lab and Open Badges, helping bring the values of the open Web into the fields of education, journalism and beyond. Communities like the Mozilla Developer Network and Hive Learning Networks provided the chance for anyone to participate in and contribute to our goals.

Powered By Mozillians

Mozillians are a community of technologists, thinkers, builders, and educators who believe in the potential of a free and open Web. We work together from every corner of the world -- coding, volunteering, building, teaching -- to empower Web users everywhere through products and education. As Mozillians, we embrace community- based processes that promote participation, accountability and trust. These values are both core to our non-profit mission and how we do our work everyday.

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This annual report includes the audited financial statements for 2013. The majority of our revenue comes from the search functionality in the Firefox browser through a number of major partners, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay. This 2013 financial statement includes revenue from a three-year partnership with Google, our largest search provider, that was signed in December 2011.

Changes to our search partnerships that will go into effect from 2014 onwards have been announced here.

A percentage of our revenue comes from the public in the form of grants and individual donations. 119,751 people supported our non- profit work in 2013. These donations are directly applied to programs in the fields of education, advocacy, science and journalism that protect the free and open Web and build the next generation of leaders.