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State of Mozilla

We are champions of a Web where people know more, do more and do better.
Mitchell Baker

A Web For All

As the Web expands to reach billions of new people and touch our lives in new ways, it has become an essential part of our individual growth and collective future. And that Web is what the Mozilla community has pledged to protect and promote: a platform providing opportunity, connectivity and inspiration for all.

We live our principles by making products, empowering communities, teaching skills and shaping environments in order to build the Internet the world needs.

At this year’s Mozilla Summit, 2,000 people representing 90 countries and 114 languages gathered to develop a shared understanding of who we are and what we will accomplish together. Below is a sample of perspectives from leaders of the project.

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Powered By Mozillians

Mozillians are a diverse group of thinkers, builders, educators and hackers with a shared purpose to bring openness, freedom and participation to the Internet. Our collective global effort advanced Firefox OS from concept to phones in stores within two years, hosted 1,600 events in three months to teach the Web, and many more accomplishments. We’re celebrating our journey and the promising path ahead.

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Along with this annual report, we’re releasing our audited financial statements for 2012. Mozilla remains well positioned, both financially and organizationally, to advance our mission.

The majority of our revenue comes from the search functionality in the Firefox browser through a number of major partners, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay. This 2012 financial statement includes revenue from a mutually beneficial commercial agreement with Google, our largest search provider, that was signed in December 2011 and extends at least three years.

A growing percentage of our revenue also comes from support from the public, including grants and individual donors like you. These donations are directly applied to important projects such as Webmaker, Open Badges and Mozilla-Knight Open News that extend Mozilla's influence in new areas.