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Release Notes

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Firefox for iOS Release

April 12, 2018

Version 11.0, first offered to Release channel users on April 12, 2018

This version of Firefox for iOS has improvements to your favorite features, and a more customizable experience.


  • Tracking Protection:

    • Tracking Protection is now enabled by default - Tracking Protection is now turned on by default in both regular and private browsing mode.
    • Tracking Protection status shield is shown in the location bar
    • Tracking Protection is now easier to turn off or on on individual websites - right from the menu button.
  • Re-order your tabs. Change your tab order by long-pressing on each one and dragging them into the order you prefer.

  • Choose what to Sync

  • Right-to-Left language support - Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Urdu

  • Drag and drop links and tabs to and from other apps (iPad Only)

    • Drag links from Firefox for iOS to copy them to another app
    • Drop links from another app into Firefox for iOS to open them
    • Drag links on any page to the “New Tab” button to open them in a new tab
    • Drag links from Bookmarks and History to copy them to another app
  • Improved Bluetooth keyboard experience (iPad Only)

    • Improved text editing in webpages and URL bar.
    • Improved tab navigation, especially in the All Tabs screen.
    • Added cursor navigation of bookmarks and history in the URL bar.


  • Fixed a crash when opening PDFs on the iPad

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