Firefox for iOS
Release Notes

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Firefox for iOS Release

December 13, 2022

Version 108.0, first offered to Release channel users on December 13, 2022


  • Users can reload a website without cache to troubleshoot site issues by pressing ctrl + F5.


  • Synced tabs from the iOS devices will not display on desktop after signing into another synced account on the iOS device.

  • Firefox crashes when tapping on search engine icons that appear even after being disabled.

  • App icon long-press opens the bookmark at the top of the bookmark list instead of the most recent bookmark.

  • A Bookmark will not immediately delete from the Recently saved after deleting it from the bookmark panel.

  • Top tabs and address bar should appear when scrolling to the top using a mouse or trackpad on iPad.

  • Instead of opening the Homepage, the last visited page still appears after +4 hours of inactivity.

  • Wallpapers load faster on onboarding and in the wallpaper settings.

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