Firefox for iOS
Release Notes

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Firefox for iOS Release

August 23, 2022

Version 104.0, first offered to Release channel users on August 23, 2022


  • Mobile bookmarks will now display first. When you open the bookmarks section, all bookmarks and folders you’ve created on Firefox for iOS will be displayed first. The Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar and Unsorted Bookmarks folders are now nested under a new folder called Desktop Bookmarks. Bookmarks are saved to their appropriate root folder by default.


  • Paste unformatted shortcut (shift+ctrl/cmd+v) now works in plain text contexts, such as input and text area.

  • Sponsored shortcut URLs that you’ve frequently visited will no longer appear as a shortcut on your Firefox for iOS homepage. If you’ve visited a sponsored shortcut previously, it will still appear in your history.

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