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10.0 Firefox for iOS Release

November 14, 2017

Version 10.0, first offered to Release channel users on November 14, 2017

Brace yourself for an all-new Firefox. The user interface has been updated with a new, minimalist design that feels modern and fast to match with the new UX/UI changes to the Firefox desktop browser. New Tab has been revamped and now includes top visited sites, recommended stories from Pocket (in the US, Canada and Germany) and easier access to recently visited pages.


  • Re-designed menus

  • A new tab experience that includes top visited sites, recently visited pages, and recommendations from Pocket . “Highlights” appear when opening a new tab to allow you to easily jump back to a previously viewed site. Trending Pocket stories are available on new tab (in the US, Canada and Germany). You can change the look of new tab page in the "Settings".

  • Search suggestions are enabled by default, unless you have previously opted out.

  • “No Image” mode to allow you to automatically block images from loading. This may come handy in areas with slow connectivity or low bandwidth.

  • New option to open copied links from clipboard.

  • Full compatibility and support for the latest Apple devices, including iPhone X

  • 12 new locales have been added, including Afrikaans (af), Bosnian (bs), Spanish Argentina (es-AR), Galician (gl), Armenian (hy-AM), Interlingua (ia), Khmer (km), Kannada (kn), Malayalam (ml), Odia (or), Punjabi (pa-IN), Sinhala (si)


  • Password filling with 1Password is back!

  • Fixed several issues with the context menu

  • Several issues with long-pressing on links and images


  • Improvements to Night Mode

  • Faster storage back-end should result in a snappier overall experience

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