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Firefox for Android Beta

June 8, 2016

Version 48.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on June 8, 2016


  • New users will now have an entry point to sync from the History panel

  • Come here often? We let you add frequently-visited sites to your home screen

  • Stay in the loop! Get and control notifications for websites of your choice.

  • Android Marshmallow/6+ peeps: We added a sweet action bar that floats near your selected text. No more traveling to the top of the screen!

  • Video controls get a new look! Snazzy

  • Want Firefox as your default? Of course you do. So we made it easier.

  • Android media improvements:

    • Record all the things! MediaRecorder on Android is now supported via software codecs
    • Better Audible playback FTW! Now with Android Audio Service.
  • Amazon product search suggestions added to Awesomescreen Search

  • Adding Qwant as a search option for French, United Kingdom English and German locales


  • Support for Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has ended. Farewell!

  • We restore your tabs by default. Don't want that? You can change it in Advanced Settings. You're in control

  • "The following have new homes. Less swiping for you!

    • Reading List is now in your Bookmarks panel
    • Sync Tabs is now in the History panel
  • Mobile history comes before synced desktop history on your phone or tablet. Of course!


Developer Information


  • On some websites using an important number of cookies, under certain conditions, this can cause the user to be logged out (1264192)