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Firefox for Android Release

March 6, 2015

Version 36.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on March 6, 2015

We'd also like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!


  • New Tablet user interface

  • Support for the full HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 enables a faster, more scalable, and more responsive web.

  • Locale added: Maithili (mai) (Android Lollipop only)


  • 36.0.1 - Disable the usage of the ANY DNS query type (1093983)

  • 36.0.1 - WebGL may use significant memory with Canvas2d (1137251)

  • 36.0.1 - Accept hostnames that include an underscore character ("_") (1136616)

  • Various security fixes

  • CSS gradients work on premultiplied colors

  • DNS resolution when using VPNs or switching networks

  • Fix some unexpected logout from Facebook or Google after restart


Web Platform

  • Support for the ECMAScript 6 Symbol data type added

  • unicode-range CSS descriptor implemented

  • object-fit and object-position implemented.<br />Defines how and where the content of a replaced element is displayed

  • isolation CSS property implemented.<br />Create a new stacking context to isolate groups of boxes to control which blend together

  • CSS3 will-change property implemented.<br />Hints the browser of elements that will be modified. The browser will
    perform some performance optimization for these

  • Improved ES6 generators for better performance

  • Changed JavaScript 'const' semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification.<br />The const declaration is now block-scoped and requires an initializer. It also can not be redeclared anymore.


  • January Chromecast firmware update broke tab mirroring (1131084)

  • On Android 2.3, 3.0 and 4.0, some WebM videos cannot be read properly (1131563)

  • Style Editor: Extra white space appearing above the editor for a sourcemapped scss file (1128747)

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