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Release Notes tell you what’s new in Firefox. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug in Bugzilla or see the system requirements of this release.

98.0 Firefox Release

March 8, 2022

Version 98.0, first offered to Release channel users on March 8, 2022


  • Firefox has a new optimized download flow. Instead of prompting every time, files will download automatically. However, they can still be opened from the downloads panel with just one click. Easy! More information


    You’ll find you have a number of options, including:

    • Always Open Similar Files: Make Firefox automatically open downloaded files of the same type with the system default application.
    • Show In Folder: Open the folder that contains your downloaded files.
    • Go To Download Page: Surfaces the download reference page even after leaving the site or closing the tab.
    • Copy Download Link: Copy the download link to share it, save it, or for any applicable use.
    • Delete: You can now delete downloaded files directly from the download panel and other download views using the context menu.
    • Remove From History: Remove a file from your list of downloaded files.
    • Clear Preview Panel: Clear the list of downloaded items in the preview panel that opens when you start a download.

    In this release, you’ll also see that Firefox no longer asks what to do for each file by default. You won’t be prompted to choose a helper application or save to disk before downloading a file unless you have changed your download action setting for that type of file.

    And now, every time you start a download, Firefox will automatically bring up the Downloads panel by default. This means you’ll experience minimal interruptions and easily find your downloaded files. Plus, to avoid having to close it several times, the panel won't show if there are multiple downloads in progress.

    You can now click on a file in the Downloads panel to open it even before it has finished downloading. Firefox will open the file as soon as it is available. Firefox: saving you time and helping you get back to what you care about!

    Any files you download will be immediately saved on your disk. Depending on the current configuration, they’ll be saved in your preferred download folder, or you’ll be asked to select a location for each download. Windows and Linux users will find their downloaded files in the destination folder. They’ll no longer be put in the Temp folder.

  • Firefox allows users to choose from a number of built-in search engines to set as their default. In this release, some users who had previously configured a default engine might notice their default search engine has changed since Mozilla was unable to secure formal permission to continue including certain search engines in Firefox.


  • Now, you can set a default app to open a file type. Choose the application you want to use to open files of a specific type in your Firefox settings.

  • After updating to Firefox version 98, "Always ask" download actions will now be reset.

  • Various security fixes.



  • The Compatibility sidebar panel in the DevTools Inspector already available on pre-release channels will become available on the release channel in version 98 . It provides compatibility warnings for the CSS properties used on the selected element, as well as for the overall page.

    Developers may use it to detect web-compatibility issues early, without having to test in each browser. All compatibility data are pulled from MDN.

  • Event listeners for a given node can now be disabled from the Inspector Event Tooltip, in the markup view. Also, The "event" badge style is updated when at least one event is disabled to remind the user that something was changed.

  • New UI in the Browser Toolbox to toggle Fluent pseudolocalization bidi / accented

  • “Ignore line” context menu entry added in the debugger editor gutter when devtools.debugger.features.blackbox-lines is true. Also, there is a better “Ignore source” icon and editor background colors for ignored lines.

  • Auto-open devtools for tabs opened via (behind devtools.popups.debug). On a page where you already have DevTools opened, if a new tab is created via, the toolbox will automatically move to the new tab, with the new document selected in both the iframe picker and the context selector

Web Platform

  • The <dialog> HTML element already available on pre-release channels will become available on the release channel in version 98.

  • Form associated custom elements will become available on the release channel in version 98. This allows web authors to define and create custom elements that can be participated in form submission.

  • The hyphenate-character CSS property can be used to set a string that is used instead of a hyphen character (-) at the end of a hyphenation line break.

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