Firefox Beta

December 7, 2021

Version 96.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on December 7, 2021


  • Significant improvements in noise-suppression and auto-gain-control, slight improvements in echo-cancellation

  • Significantly reduced main thread load

  • Fixes an issue where video intermittently drops SSRC

  • Fixes issue where WebRTC downgrades screen sharing resolution

  • Firefox will enforce the Cookie Policy: Same-Site=lax by default which provides a solid first line of defense against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

  • Fixes video quality degradation in certain sites

  • Firefox for Linux changes shortcut key for "Select All" from Alt-a to Ctrl-a for solving web-compat and avoiding conflict with access keys. If you want to keep using Emacs like key bindings, e.g., you configured your GTK settings to use Ctrl-a as a shortcut key for moving caret to beginning of a line, you need to change ui.key.textcontrol.prefer_native_key_bindings_over_builtin_shortcut_key_definitions and ui.key.use_select_all_in_single_line_editor from about:config. These prefs are currently disabled by default but would be enabled by default in a future release.

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