Firefox Release

September 7, 2021

Version 92.0, first offered to Release channel users on September 7, 2021

We'd like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!


  • More secure connections: Firefox can now automatically upgrade to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers.

  • Full-range color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems.

  • Mac users can now access the macOS share options from the Firefox File menu.

  • Support for images containing ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS.


  • Firefox performance with screen readers and other accessibility tools is no longer severely degraded if Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox.

  • macOS VoiceOver now correctly reports buttons and links marked as ‘expanded’ using the aria-expanded attribute.

  • An open alert in a tab no longer causes performance issues in other tabs using the same process.

  • Various security fixes


  • Canonical is now building the official Firefox snap. It's also now available on two additional architectures, ARMhf and ARM64.

  • The bookmark toolbar menus on macOS now follow Firefox visual styles.

  • Certificate error pages have been redesigned for a better user experience.

  • Continuing work to restructure Firefox’s JavaScript memory management to be more performant and use less memory.


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