Firefox Release

June 17, 2021

Version 89.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on June 17, 2021

Reference link to 89.0 release notes


  • Windows: Resolved an issue causing some screen readers to not interact correctly with Firefox anymore (bug 1714212)

  • Updated translations, including full Spanish (Mexico) localization and other improvements (bug 1714946)

  • Fix various font related regressions (bug 1694174)

  • Linux: Fix performance and stability regressions with WebRender (bug 1715895, bug 1715902)

  • macOS: Fix screen flickering when scrolling a page on an external monitor (bug 1715452)

  • Enterprise: Fix for the DisableDeveloperTools policy not having effect anymore (bug 1715777)

  • Linux: Fix broken scrollbars on some GTK themes (bug 1714103)

  • Various stability and security fixes.

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