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Firefox Beta

December 11, 2018

Version 65.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on December 11, 2018


  • The display language for the Firefox application UI is now changeable in the Options page

  • Added Windows playback support for the AV1 video codec

  • Added support for the WebP image format

  • Firefox on Windows can now be installed using an MSI installer

  • Firefox now supports Handoff on macOS to continue browsing from your iOS device to your Mac

  • On Linux, tabs can be switched by scrolling in the tab bar


  • Updated the Content Blocking section in the Privacy & Security Options page and in the Control Center to simplify blocking options for users

  • Enhanced security for Linux, Android, and macOS users via stronger stack smashing protection being enabled by default

  • Firefox can now be set to warn when exiting, even when configured to automatically restore the session on the next launch

  • Memory usage is also now reported for each resource visible in the updated Task Manager page found at about:performance


  • Added a new Flexbox inspector tool to detect and highlight Flexbox containers and debug Flex items' sizes

  • All CSS changes made in the Rules panel are now tracked in the new Changes tab

  • Added support for the Storage Access API on desktop platforms

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