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Release Notes tell you what’s new in Firefox. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug in Bugzilla or see the system requirements of this release.

65.0.1 Firefox Release

February 12, 2019

Version 65.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on February 12, 2019


  • Fixed accidental requests to when an addon recommendation doorhanger is shown (bug 1526387)

  • Improved playback of interactive Netflix videos (bug 1524500)

  • Fixed color management not working on macOS (bug 1506495)

  • Fixed incorrect sizing of the "Clear Recent History" window in some situations (bug 1523696)

  • Fixed audio & video delays while making WebRTC calls (bug 1521577 & bug 1523817)

  • Fixed video sizing problems during some WebRTC calls (bug 1520200)

  • Fixed looping CONNECT requests when using WebSockets over HTTP/2 from behind a proxy server (bug 1523427)

  • Fixed the "Enter" key not working on password entry fields for certain Linux distributions (bug 1523635)

  • Various stability and security fixes.


  • Made support for <meta> viewport tags in Responsive Design Mode, initially enabled in Firefox 64, pref-controlled and off by default (bug 1521814). To restore the previous behavior, change the devtools.responsive.metaViewport.enabled pref to true.


  • Some Linux users may experience performance issues with the Downloads panel (bug 1517101).

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