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Firefox Beta

March 14, 2018

Version 60.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on March 14, 2018


  • Added a policy engine that allows customized Firefox deployments in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file

  • Applied Quantum CSS to render browser UI

  • Added support for Web Authentication API, which allows USB tokens for website authentication

  • Enhanced camera privacy indicators: Firefox now turns off your camera and the camera's light when you disable video recording, and turns the camera and light on when you resume recording

  • Locale added: Occitan (oc)



  • Changed the Windows shortcut for entering Reader View to F9, for better compatibility with keyboard layouts that use AltGr

  • Bookmarks no longer support multiple keywords for the same URL unless the request has different POST data


  • Responsive Design Mode now offers explicit control over whether the page should reload.

  • Developers can now use promises within IndexedDB transactions

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