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Firefox Beta

September 26, 2017

Version 57.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on September 26, 2017

In October of last year we announced Project Quantum, our effort to create a next-generation engine. Firefox 57 includes many aspects of this project, so we’re calling this release Firefox Quantum.

Firefox Quantum is roughly 2X faster than Firefox 49 on the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark, thanks to its new CSS engine, its “just right” multi-process architecture, the way it prioritizes your active tab, and much more. Firefox Quantum also includes a visual refresh – Photon – that looks and feels right at home with modern operating systems. To learn more about Firefox Quantum, visit the Mozilla Blog.


  • Firefox is getting a major Visual Redesign (Photon project) activated on the Nightly channel and which will ship with Firefox 57 on the release channel.

  • Allow users to manage the site data

  • Added support for Date/Time input

  • Accessibility indicator will now appear in the title bar of the window when Accessibility services are enabled


  • Support more strict sandboxing protection (level 3) on Linux

  • The browser's "autoscrolling" feature now uses asynchronous scrolling, similar to other input methods like mousewheel, providing a smoother scrolling experience.

  • Middle mouse paste in the content area on Unix systems no longer navigates to URLs by default


  • The "Share" button was removed. If you relied on this feature, you can install the Share Backported extension instead

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