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Firefox Beta

August 3, 2016

Version 49.0beta, first offered to Beta channel users on August 3, 2016


  • Reader Mode can now read articles out loud

  • Improve overall performance on OS X systems without hardware acceleration

  • Firefox Hello being decommissioned

  • Improved appearance of anti-aliased OS X fonts

  • Graphite2 font shaping is enabled by default

  • Improve video performance on systems without hardware acceleration that support SSSE3 instruction set

  • OS X users who did not originally install Firefox can now update it if they can provide administrator credentials

  • Adjust the width and line spacing of Reader Mode text

  • HTML5 audio and video improvements

    • Files can now be looped through the built-in controls in the context menu
    • Play audio and video at 1.25× speed through the context menu
  • Saved HTTP logins will now be offered on HTTPS pages



Developer Information


  • Support multiple SVG mask elements as mask images