Firefox Developer Edition

April 28, 2016

Version 48.0a2, first offered to Firefox Developer Edition channel users on April 28, 2016

For more information about Developer Edition please see this MDN article.


  • Process separation (e10s) is enabled for some of you. Like it? Let us know and we'll roll it out to more

  • Roar for moar protection against harmful downloads! We've got your back

  • GNU/Linux fans: Get better Canvas performance with speedy Skia support. Try saying that three times fast

  • Windows folks: Tab (move buttons) and Shift+F10 (pop-up menus) now behave as they should in Firefox customization mode

  • Searching for something already in your bookmarks or open tabs? We added super smart icons to let you know

  • WebRTC embetterments:

    • Delay-agnostic AEC enabled
    • Full duplex for GNU/Linux enabled
    • ICE Restart & Update is supported
    • Cloning of MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack is now supported
  • Windows 7 systems without Platform Update can now use D3D11 WARP


  • Improved step debugging on last line of functions

  • Heyo, Jabra & Logitech C920 webcam users. We fixed those pesky WebRTC bugs causing frequency distortions. Buh-bye, squeaky voice!



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