Firefox Release

January 26, 2015

Version 35.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on January 26, 2015

We'd also like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!


  • Firefox Hello with new rooms-based conversations model

  • New search UI improved and enabled for more locales

  • Access the Firefox Marketplace from the Tools menu and optional toolbar button

  • Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs

  • Improved handling of dynamic styling changes to increase responsiveness

  • Use tiled rendering on OS X

  • Improved high quality image resizing performance


  • 35.0.1 - With the Enhanced Steam extension, Firefox could crash (1123732)

  • 35.0.1 - On Godaddy webmail, Firefox could crash (1113121)

  • 35.0.1 - document.baseURI did not get updated to document.location after base tag was removed from DOM for site with a CSP (1121857)

  • 35.0.1 - CSP had a change in behavior with regard to case sensitivity resources loading (1122445)

  • 35.0.1 - Fix a potential startup crash (1122367)

  • 35.0.1 - Kerberos authentication did not work with alias (1108971)

  • 35.0.1 - SVG / CSS animation had a regression causing rendering issues on websites like openstreemap.org (1083079)

  • 35.0.1 - With a Right-to-left (RTL) version of Firefox, the text selection could be broken (1104036)

  • Various security fixes

  • Show DOM Properties context menu item in inspector

  • Reduced resource usage for scaled images

  • PDF.js updated to version 1.0.907

  • Non-HTTP(S) XHR now returns correct status code


  • Developer Information
  • Support for inspecting ::before and ::after pseudo elements

  • Computed view: Nodes matching the hovered selector are now highlighted

  • Network Monitor: New request/response headers view (more info)

  • Added support for the EXT_blend_minmax WebGL extension

Web Platform

  • Changed JavaScript 'let' semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification

  • Resource Timing API implemented

  • CSS filters enabled by default

  • Added support for the CSS Font Loading API


  • WebGL games might not display some textures (see bug 1113633)

  • Sometimes images don't display when hovered over (see bug 1083113)

  • Issues affecting RTL in Hello can be found here

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