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Release Notes tell you what’s new in Firefox. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug in Bugzilla or see the system requirements of this release.

108.0a1 Firefox Nightly

October 17, 2022

Version 108.0a1, first offered to Nightly channel users on October 17, 2022

Firefox Nightly gets updated every day and as a consequence, the release notes for the Nightly channel are updated continuously to reflect features that have reached sufficient maturity to benefit from community feedback and bug reports.

Warning: Features listed here may or may not make a final release of Firefox.

In addition to these release notes, you can follow ongoing development on our @FirefoxNightly Twitter account as well as read our Nightly Blog.


  • Import maps, which allow web pages to control the behavior of JavaScript imports, are now enabled by default.

    Bug 1795647
  • Firefox now supports properly color correcting images tagged with ICCv4 profiles.

    Bug 488800
  • The shift+esc keyboard shortcut now opens the Process Manager, offering a way to quickly identify processes that are using too much resources.

    Bug 1796096
  • Processes used for background tabs now use efficiency mode on Windows 11 to limit resource use.

    Bug 1796525


  • The bookmarks toolbar's default "Only show on New Tab" state now also works correctly for blank new tabs. As before, you can change the bookmark toolbar's behavior using the toolbar context menu.

    Bug 1676492


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