Firefox Release

November 15, 2022

Version 107.0, first offered to Release channel users on November 15, 2022


  • Improved the performance of the instance when Microsoft's IME and Defender retrieve the URL of a focused document in Windows 11 version 22H2.

  • Power profiling — visualizing performance data recorded from web browsers — is now also supported on Linux and Mac with Intel CPUs, in addition to Windows 11 and Apple Silicon.




  • Developer Information
  • There are a couple of helpful improvements in Firefox DevTools making it easier to debug WebExtensions:

    • Are you using the webext command line tool to run and test your web extension? There is a new argument allowing you to also automatically open DevTools just in case you want to—for example, inspect the UI (bug).
      $ webext run --devtools
      Note: web-ext npm package needs to be >= 7.3.0
    • It’s now also simple to inspect popup windows (implemented by WebExtension) using DevTools (bug).
    • When you make changes in the source code of your WebExtension, you can easily reload it using a “Reload” button in the DevTools toolbox to see the changes (bug).

    DevTools screenshot


  • In order to better support certain typographical conventions, Firefox now preserves some non-breaking spaces when copying text to the clipboard instead of changing them to regular spaces.
    The new behavior is known to cause problems when non-breaking spaces are used for indentation.

Community Contributions

  • Razvan Cojocaru: Bug 1755044, Bug 1767337
    Razvan has been a prolific contributor, fixing a number of bugs related to scrolling, as well as making many improvements to the type-safety of our rendering engine code.

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