Firefox Release

August 23, 2022

Version 104.0, first offered to Release channel users on August 23, 2022


  • Subtitles are now available for Disney+ in Picture-in-Picture.

  • Firefox now supports both the scroll-snap-stop property as well as re-snapping. You can use the scroll-snap-stop property's always and normal values to specify whether or not to pass the snap points, even when scrolling fast. Re-snapping tries to keep the last snap position after any content/layout changes.

  • The Firefox profiler can analyze power usage of a website (Apple M1 and Windows 11 only).


  • The Firefox UI itself will now be throttled for performance and battery usage when minimized or occluded, in the same way background tabs are.


  • Highlight color is preserved correctly after typing Enter in the mail composer of Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

  • After bypassing the https only error page navigating back would take you to the error page that was previously dismissed. Back now takes you to the previous site that was visited.

  • Paste unformatted shortcut (shift+ctrl/cmd+v) now works in plain text contexts, such as input and text area.

  • Various security fixes.


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