Emoñondive umi 5 kundahára pumbyrygua

¿Mávapa ojapo kundahára pumbyrygua oikovéva? Ñamoñondivéta opáichagua Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari ha Opera jaikuaa hag̃ua.

Since your mobile browser is your lifeline to information wherever you are, speed, security, privacy and ease-of-use are the keys to a good experience. So which one is the best mobile browser? Let’s compare the top players — and see which one best suits your needs.

Tekorosã ha ñemigua

¿Mba’e kundahára pumbyrygua oreko imba’e kañyhápe?

Tekorosã ha ñemigua Firefox Chrome Edge Safari Opera
Kundaha Ñemigua reko Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ejoko kookie tapykuehoha mbohapyháva ijeheguiete Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ejoko scritps criptomineriagua Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri
Ejoko kuãhũ kuaaukaha scripts Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri Héẽ Ahániri
Ejoko tapykuehoha avaatygua Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri Héẽ Ahániri
Mba’erupa ehecha hag̃ua tapykuehoha jokopyre Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ Héẽ Ahániri

At a minimum, your mobile browser should provide some version of “private browsing mode,” which automatically deletes your history and search history. In this area, all seven of the browsers compared here score points.

Ambue mba’e pumbyry orekova’erã ha’e katupyry omboykekuaávo ñanduti renda ha atyguasu ohapykuehóva ñeikundaha mba’ekuaarã ha mba’ejogua — eimérõ jepe ñeikundaha tapiaguávape.

Blocking third-party trackers isn’t just important for privacy — it also helps pages load much faster, without those pieces of code attaching themselves and slowing your browser down.

From the chart above, it’s obvious Firefox offers the most complete privacy and security toolset of the five browsers and provides a dashboard overview of your overall security and privacy online.


¿Mba’e ojapokuaa kundahára nderehe?

Mboja’opy Firefox Chrome Edge Safari Opera
Ñemboheta ijeheguíva jejoko Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri Ahániri Ahániri
Ñeikundaha tendayke ndive Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Techaukaha ñangarekoha Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Myanyhẽha ijeheguíva moĩmba Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Emyanyhẽ jehepyme’ẽ ijeheguíva Ahániri Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Poravorã Jehekaha Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Moñe’ẽrã ñe’ẽme Ahániri Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Moñe’ẽrã reko Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Jehaipy ñemoĩporã Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Jepysokue ñanduti/Tembipuru’i Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri Héẽ Ahániri
Teko Ypytũ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Mesa arigua reko Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ejuhu kuatiaroguépe Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ta’ãnga Jeheka Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ayvúre jeheka Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Embojuaju mba’erechaha guasúre Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Marandu Ahániri Héẽ Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ
VPN tembipuru’ípe Ahániri Ahániri Ahániri Ahániri Héẽ

A main ingredient to a well-made browser is its functionality. What can it do? Almost all five browsers are equal when it comes to tabs, bookmarks, auto-completion of fields, but only Firefox and Safari offer add-ons/extensions, which are kind of like apps for your browser to make it more private, powerful or just more fun.


¿Ne kundahára oikoporã ambue mba’e’oka ndive?

Mbojuehepyre Firefox Chrome Edge Safari Opera
Ojepurukuaa apopyvusúpe g̃uarã Héẽ Héẽ Ahániri Ahániri Héẽ
Ojepurukuaa pumbyry apopyvusúpe g̃uarã Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ
Oñembojuehe pumbyry ndive Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ñe’ẽñemi ñangarekohára Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ
Ñe’ẽñemi ha’etéva Héẽ Héẽ Héẽ Ahániri Héẽ

Pumbyrýpe g̃uarãva Safari, oĩmavavoi ñepyrũha guive pumbyrýpe Apple, ojokupyty ambue mba’e’oka ndive Apple avei iPad ha pumbyryguáva Mac. Firefox, Chrome ha Opera oiko opaite pyendavusúpe oĩhápe iOS, Android, Windows, Mac ha Linux, oĩ’ỹhápe kundahára Edge ndojokupytýiva Linux mba’e’oka ndive.

Opavave nunga kundahára pumbyrygua oñemoñondivéva omoneĩ ñembojuehe mba’e’oka pumbyrygua pa’ũme ha mesa ariguápe.

The good news for iPhone users is that Apple has recently allowed iPhone users to choose their own default browser, so now users can sync their devices across platforms if, for example, they install Firefox on their iPhone and Windows PC.


Based on the criteria we outlined — privacy, features, and syncing — there’s really only one mobile browser that satisfies all three, and that’s Firefox. While similar in the features and syncing categories, Firefox stands apart in privacy, because we feel it’s the essential component that allows you to just enjoy the internet — exactly the way you like it.

Emboykévo ore ñemoñe’ẽ, ejuhu hag̃ua kundahára oikóva añetéva ndéve g̃uarã ojokupytýva ne remikotevẽ rehe ha umi ehecharamovéva eikundahakuévo ñandutípe.

Umi moñondive oñembohekopyre ápe ñemboheko ijypykuéva ndive ha kundahára peteĩchagua oñeguenohẽmbyre kóicha:
Firefox (84) | Chrome (87) | Edge (45.11.1) | Safari (14) | Opera (61)
Kutiarogue hekopyahu 45 ára haguépe osẽ hag̃ua tembiapo ipyahuvévape ndohechaukáiva mbohekopyahu ipaháva.

Erekóke Firefox pumbyrýpe g̃uarã

Emoha’ãnga QR ayvu eñepyrũ hag̃ua

Emoha’ãnga QR ayvu ereko hag̃ua Firefox ne pumbyrýpe