Firefox, parmak izi toplamayı engeller

Firefox tarayıcısının yerleşik parmak izi engelleyicileri ile sizi takip eden yapışkan reklamlardan kurtulun.

Parmak izi toplama nedir?

Parmak izi, sıradan çerez tabanlı izlemeden daha istilacı olan bir çevrimiçi izleme türüdür. Bir şirket, bilgisayar donanımınıza, yazılımınıza, eklentilerinize ve hatta tercihlerinize göre benzersiz bir profilinizi oluşturduğunda dijital parmak izi oluşturulur. Kullandığınız ekran, bilgisayarınızda yüklü olan yazı tipleri ve hatta web tarayıcısı seçiminiz gibi ayarlarınız parmak izi oluşturmak için kullanılabilir.

If you have a commonly used laptop, PC or smartphone, it may be harder to uniquely identify your device through fingerprinting. However, the more unique add-ons, fonts, and settings you have, the easier you’ll be likely to find. Companies can use this unique combination of information to create your fingerprint. That’s why Firefox blocks known fingerprinting, so you can still use your favorite extensions, themes and customization without being followed by ads.

Parmak izi toplama web için kötüdür

The practice of fingerprinting allows you to be tracked for months, even when you clear your browser storage or use private browsing mode — disregarding clear indications from you that you don’t want to be tracked. Despite a near complete agreement between standards bodies and browser vendors that fingerprinting is harmful, its use on the web has steadily increased over the past decade.

Firefox, parmak izi toplamayı engeller

The latest Firefox browser protects you against fingerprinting by blocking third-party requests to companies that are known to participate in fingerprinting. We’ve worked hard to enable this privacy protection while not breaking the websites you enjoy visiting. (Read more here, if you want the technical details.)

And it’s not a deep setting you need to dig around to find. In the latest Firefox browser, fingerprint blocking is the standard, default setting. Visit your privacy protections dashboard to see how you’re being tracked behind the scenes and how Firefox prevents it.

You probably wouldn’t appreciate someone tracking your moves in real life. There’s no reason to accept it online. If you don’t already have Firefox, download and protect yourself from digital fingerprinting.