Firefox Stravaiger

Get the stravaiger that bields whit maitters

Nae sleekit privacy policies or back doors fur advertisers. Jist a lichtnin fast stravaiger that disnae sell ye oot.

Dae whit ye dae online.
Firefox Stravaiger isnae watchin.

How Firefox compares tae ither stravaigers

Get aw the speed and tools wi nane o the invasions o privacy. Firefox Stravaiger gaithers sic little data aboot ye, we dinnae even need yer email address tae doonload. That’s cause unlike ither stravaigers, we hivnae onie financial stake in follaein ye aroond the wab.

How we compare tae ither stravaigers

Compare Firefox tae:
Firefox Chrome Microsoft Edge Safari
Blocks third-pairty trackin cookies as staunart
Autopley blockin
Blocks social trackers
OS availability
In-stravaiger screenshot tool
Primary passwird

We block the ad trackers. You stravaig the internet faster.

Ads are distractin and mak wab pages load slower while their trackers tak tent o ilka muive ye mak online. The Firefox Stravaiger blocks maist trackers automatically, sae there’s nae need tae gang howkin intae yer siccarness settins.

Firefox is fur awbodie

Available in ower 90 leids, and compatible wi Windows, Mac and Linux machines, Firefox wirks nae maitter whit ye’re yaisin or whaur ye are. Mak siccar yer operatin system is up tae date fur the best experience.

Review system requirements

Pit Firefox on aw yer devices

Tak yer privacy wi ye everywhaur. Firefox Stravaigers fur iOS and Android hae the same strang privacy settins tae block trackers fae follaein ye aroond the wab, nae maitter whaur ye are.

Dae it aw wi Firefox

Sairch smairter, mair swith

  • Sairch fae address baur
  • Sairch engine options
  • Smairt sairch suggestions
  • Buikmerk, historie and open tab in results

Boost yer productivity

  • Wirks wi Google products
  • In-biggit screenshot tool
  • Buikmerks manager
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • Sync across devices
  • Reader mode
  • Spell check
  • Peened Tabs

Stream, share and pley

  • Block Autopley o video & soond
  • Pictur-in-Pictur
  • Curatit content on new tab
  • Share links

Bield yer privacy

  • Third Pairty Cookie Blockin
  • Fingirprenter Blockin
  • Cryptohowker Blockin
  • Private Stravaigin mode
  • Individual bieldins report

Mak yer personal info siccar

  • Breached wabsite alerts
  • In-biggit passwird manager
  • Dicht historie
  • Form autofill
  • Automatic updates

Mak yer stravaiger yer ain

  • Themes
  • Daurk mode
  • Leebrar o extensions
  • Sort sairch baur settins
  • Chynge new tab layoot

Mak Firefox yer ain

  • Extensions fur ilka interest

    Fae siccarness tae news tae gemmes, there’s an extension fur awbodie. Eik on as monie as ye want until yer stravaiger is jist richt.

  • Chynge yer get-up

    Gang fae licht mode tae daurk mode dependin on yer mood or preference, or brichten things up wi a custom theme (rainbow unicorn, likesay).

  • Fuiter wi yer settins

    There’s nae need tae settle. Chynge the new tab page, sairch baur, buikmerks and mair tae stravaig the internet the wey ye want.

Supportit by the non-profit that pits fowk first

Challengin the status quo syne 1998

Firefox wis makkit by Mozilla as a faster, mair private alternative tae stravaigers like Internet Explorer, and noo Chrome. The day, oor mission-driven company and volunteer community haud forrit wi pittin yer privacy abuin awthin else.

Yer privacy comes first

As the internet growes and chynges, Firefox continues tae focus on yer richt tae privacy — we caw it the Personal Data Promise: Tak less. Keep it sauf. Nae secrets. Yer data, yer wab ongauns, yer life online is bieldit wi Firefox.

Keep aw yer favourite stravaiger featurs — and airt oot new yins.

Wirks wi Google products

Aw yer favourite Google tools (like Gmail and Docs) wirk seamlessly in the Firefox Stravaiger.

Facebook Container

Doonload this stravaiger extension tae stap Facebook (and Instagram) fae trackin ye aroond the wab.

Sync yer devices

Firefox is available on aw yer devices; tak yer tabs, historie and buikmerks wi ye. Aw ye need is a Firefox accoont.


Glaum a high-resolution image o oniethin online wi oor screenshot tool biggit richt intae the stravaiger

Augmentit Trackin Bieldin (ATB)

Firefox automatically blocks monie third pairty trackers fae gaitherin and sellin yer wab ongauns.


Fae watchin a wab tutorial tae keepin an ee on yer favourite team, yer video follaes ye while ye multitask.

Speirins? Mozilla support hiv got ye sortit.