Firefox Browser

Gleg fur guid.

Wi 2x the speed, in-biggit privacy bieldin and Mozilla ahint it, the new Firefox is the best wey tae stravaig.

We mak the internet saufer, soonder, and faster fur guid.

Mozilla is the no-fur-profit ahint Firefox, the original alternative stravaiger. We mak products and policy tae keep the internet in the service o the fowk, no the fordel.

Oor impact

When ye yaise Firefox, ye help Mozilla fecht clashmaclaivers online, teach digital skills and mak the comments section mair human. Hae a swatch at whit helps mak a soonder internet.

Oor new-fangles

Yaisin the wab as the platform, we big open, new-fangled technologies that alloo developers tae wirk unthirlt fae closed, corporate ecosystems and mak faster, saufer wab experiences fur us aw.

  • Extensions

    Mak Firefox yer ain wi favourite extras like passwird managers, ad blockers and mair.

  • Jobs

    Lairn aboot the benefits o wirkin at Mozilla and get a swatch at open positions aw roond the warld.

  • Needin hauners?

    Get answers tae yer speirins aboot Firefox and aw Mozilla products fae oor support team.