Emombarete erohoryvéva mba’ekuaarã ñembyaty rehegua

Nde rekoñemi tuicha mba’e Mozilla peg̃uarã. Ore ñehesa’ỹijo ha telemetría pyendavusu, hérava Glean, oguata ore rape potĩre mba’ekuaarã ñembyaty reheguápe.

Mozilla uses Glean to collect website usage data on some mozilla.org websites in order to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible user experience for our visitors. Glean does not share information with any third parties. Every piece of data we collect also goes through a strict review process. You can learn more about the specific types of data we collect in the Glean Dictionary. For more information about the way we handle and share your data on Mozilla websites, you can read our Websites, Communications and Cookies Privacy Notice.

If you still want to opt-out of first-party analytics you can do so below. Clicking the opt-out button will set a preference cookie that is used to prevent Glean from sending data when you load our web pages. This preference cookie will last for 1 year.

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