Facebook. Foolaama sanne. Mooftan hoore maa ko heddii e nguurndam maa.

Heɓ timmitte Facebook Container

Timmitte Facebook Container heɓotaako e kaɓirɗe cinndel maa.

Salo sarɗiiji

Facebook ina waawi rewindaade dille maa e geese maa fof e tee seŋondira ɗum e innitol maa Facebook. So ɗuum ina ɓurtirmaa, Timmitere Facebook Container oo ina joña innitol maa e tabbe mooftirde seertunde, addana Facebook caɗeele rewindaande e geese ɗee boowal Facebook.

Aaf etee mooftu

Installing the extension is easy and, once activated, will open Facebook in a blue tab each time you use it. Use and enjoy Facebook normally. Facebook will still be able to send you advertising and recommendations on their site, but it will be much harder for Facebook to use your activity collected off Facebook to send you ads and other targeted messages.

Baɗte Firefox e Mozilla

We’re backed by Mozilla, the not-for-profit organization that puts people over profit to give everyone more power online. We created this extension because we believe that you should have easy-to-use tools that help you manage your privacy and security.