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About Firefox OS

What is Firefox OS?
Firefox OS is the only truly open mobile OS that unlocks the power of the Web as the platform and enables operators, hardware manufacturers and developers to create innovative and customized applications and products for consumers to use across these connected devices.
How is Firefox OS different from other operating systems?

For users Firefox OS offers a customized and easy to use experience appropriate to consumers from the value range in India to early tech adopters in Japan.

For operators and OEMs Firefox OS offers the opportunity to capture new user segments due to its open development process and tight collaboration with partners searching for new revenue streams and business models.

For developers Firefox OS offers the freedom to build the most advanced web experiences on mobile. Developers can create apps that customers can access across multiple platforms, devices and operating systems. Firefox OS provides them with the possibility of connecting with hundreds of millions of Firefox supporters around the world as well as access to relatively untapped markets.

Buying Firefox OS

What phones will Firefox OS be available on?
Since launching, Firefox OS smartphones are available in over 40 markets from multiple global operators on a number of different devices, across different price device categories. These include handsets from Alcatel ONETOUCH, ZTE, Huawei and LG.
Where can I buy Firefox OS?
The full list of where to buy Firefox OS devices can be found at the devices page.
What will be the price of the phone?
Pricing is not set by Mozilla and will be established by our operator and manufacturer partners based on local market dynamics.
What apps will be available on Firefox OS?

The Firefox Marketplace offers an open app environment that leverages the scale of the Web as a development platform; allowing operators, phone manufacturers and developers greater flexibility.

The growing list of apps for Firefox OS includes Pinterest, Facebook, LINE, Twitter, airbnb, EA Games, SoundCloud,, Cut the Rope, Dailymotion, and TomTom Maps. Many more are being made available every day. For more information, visit

Is Firefox OS available in my language?

Firefox OS is currently available in a number of different languages. Check out the device market availability at the devices page.

We’re working on adding more languages as we launch into new markets.

Using Firefox OS


Firefox Marketplace
Your go-to source for the best apps for Firefox OS.
Firefox browser
The fast, smart, safe way to get the best of the Web.
Deep integration with social media
Full access to every Twitter and Facebook update from wherever you are.
With built-in style filters for fun, creative shots.
FM Radio
All the audio you want on the go, all on one device.
Includes directions, traffic and local transit information.

Privacy and Security

How will Firefox OS keep me safe while I browse?
Mozilla was the first to implement the Do Not Track privacy feature. Firefox also features customizable security settings to manage passwords, history, private data, cookies, site options and add-ons. Learn more.

Developer Questions

Are you a developer? Have questions? Learn more at the Mozilla Developer Network.