Firefox Interest Dashboard

Ever wonder about how much time you spend pursuing your interests, researching your latest purchase or get entertained by your favorite sites?

The Firefox Interest Dashboard is here to help you analyze your interests and categorize them for you in rich visualizations and compelling story-lines. You can continue on where left-off your pursuit or revisit your latest favorite topic.

We will continue to add features in future versions that will make you know more about your habits and connect you to explore the world around you. Our hope is that your Interest Dashboard will help you identify more meaningful patterns and provide greater control over your navigation history.

Frequently asked questions

Will the Interest Dashboard store data on the server?

No, all of the interest analysis and categorization is done on the client-side of your browser. No personal data is stored on Mozilla’s servers.

What is the minimum number of days required for interest analysis?

If you have browser history saved, we can analyze your interest right away. However, you will get the most out of the Interest Dashboard with 30 days of history or more.

How is my interest categorized?

The Interest Dashboard uses both a site-matched and keywords text analysis to categorize interest. The former is based on the categorization of certain URLs we have a high confidence of belonging to a particular interest (i.e. ESPN being Sports). The latter uses statistical analysis of keywords that appear within the title of a webpage mapped to keywords that appear on Wikipedia pages. Those pages are then summarized to IAB’s (Internet Advertising Bureau) content categories.

Does the Firefox Interest Dashboard sync across different devices or browsers?

Yes. If you have set up a Sync account and enabled add-on and history sync, your Interest Dashboard data will sync across different devices and browsers. You may disable add-on and history sync by unchecking the “add-on” and “history” checkbox under My Sync. For more detailed explanation on uninstalling add-ons, go here:

How do I uninstall the Firefox Interest Dashboard?

Enter “about:addons” on the address bar within the Firefox browser and hit enter. Find “Firefox Interest Dashboard” and click on the “Remove” button. For more detailed explanation on uninstalling add-ons, go here:

What languages does the Interest Dashboard analyze?

We can only analyze your interests in English at this moment. In the future, we plan to include other languages for analysis.