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VPN Android-pe g̃uarã Mozilla rehegua

Ekyhyje’ive tekorosã’ỹgui Mozilla VPN Android-pe g̃uarã ndive

Ereko Mozilla VPN

30 ára haguépe ome’ẽkuaajey viru

Whether you’re at home, at work, or making up a funny name for your coffee order at the register, protecting your online security is a top priority for Mozilla. Like many smart technology products, Android devices have built-in protection features that safeguard your device. With VPN for Android from Mozilla, you can take security further with just a tap of your finger.

Using the fast and secure WireGuard VPN protocol, our VPN is able to encrypt the internet traffic between your device and the VPN network of servers. This helps us keep your web traffic protected when you are on the go. It’s like the lid protecting your green tea with honey from the fly buzzing around the table.

Mba’éichapa omo’ã VPN che Android mba’e’oka

Umi VPN oipytyvõ oñembyai mboyve:

  • Ne rembiapo ñandutípe tojehecha ha tojehepyme’ẽ térã toñemoherakuã moñemuhára ndive.
  • Streaming ta’ãngamýi naiporãi ne ancho de banda imbegue ha hekombyky rupi ne ñanduti me’ẽha ndoikóigui (ISP)
  • Mba’e nde rehegua oñemondáramo eiporukuévo Wi-Fi ojeporukuaáva.

Mba’érepa emboguejyva’erã Mozilla VPN Android-pe g̃uarã

  • Eikundaha ñandutípe ehechauka’ỹre ne rendaite.
  • Eñeñanduporãve eipurúvo Wi-Fi opavavegua kafe, aviõguejyha ha hetave.
  • Emboyke ñemurã kañygua ne rendaite reheguáva.

Pe tembiporu’i pumbyrygua Mozilla VPN michĩ, upévare sa’i oiporu marandurenda ha nomombeguemo’ãi ne pumbyry ha avei hi’arevéta nde batería.

Unlike free VPNs or proxy sites, which may pay for their servers by spying on you and selling your information, Mozilla does not keep records of where you go and what you do.