Mozilla VPN

Protect yourself online with Mozilla VPN for iOS

Get fast, easy security on your iPhone or iPad through Mozilla, one of the most trusted names in technology.

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Your privacy is our promise

Feel safe from hackers and prying eyes when you’re online — both at home and out and about — with Mozilla VPN. For a low monthly fee, it uses advanced WireGuard® protocol to encrypt personal data on your iPhone, iPad and most other devices, letting you stream shows, play games, shop, and go about your daily life online knowing that you’re secure.

As the maker of the Firefox web browser and one of the most trusted fighters for internet privacy, Mozilla is committed to ensuring you feel safe and respected every time you go online.

What you’ll get with Mozilla VPN:

  • Protection for up to 5 devices
  • Access to servers in 30+ countries
  • Device-level encryption
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • No online activity logs now or ever

Stay safe online when you’re on the go

Using public wifi? No problem. Mozilla VPN lets you feel free to check your bank account from a café, edit your passwords on a street corner — basically, you can do everything you normally do on your iPhone or iPad with peace of mind.

1-click connection

Mozilla VPN is very easy to use. Tap a button and it’ll encrypt your connection and blur the IP address on your iPhone or iPad using advanced WireGuard® protocol.

Connect to 500+ servers worldwide

Shop from Switzerland. Stream from Canada. Surf from Australia. With Mozilla VPN, you can set your iPhone or iPad’s location to one of 30+ countries, opening you up to a world of exciting content.

Get access for 5 devices

With one subscription, you can get Mozilla VPN on up to 5 different devices, including iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Top speeds. Unlimited data.

Play online games, stream your favourite shows and cruise around the web at ultra-fast speeds. Don’t worry about your bandwidth on Mozilla VPN — it’s unlimited.

Your data stays private. Period.

Some VPN providers log your activity on their servers. Not only does Mozilla VPN not track you online — we’re vehemently opposed to it. It’s a huge part of what we stand for as a company.