Mozilla VPN

Protect your connection online with Mozilla VPN for Mac

Whether on a Mac desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone, protect your entire device from hackers and prying eyes with a VPN from Mozilla, a pioneer in internet security since 1998.

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Your privacy is our promise

From business to leisure, you should feel safe online no matter what brings you there. Mozilla VPN helps you use public wifi smarter by protecting your internet connection from hackers and internet providers looking to collect your data. Its one-click privacy is available for Mac and iOS, (as well as Windows 10, Linux and Android), and doesn’t impact your speed. And, since it’s a VPN from Mozilla with WireGuard® protocol, you can trust your activity won’t be logged and your data stays yours — always.

What you’ll get with Mozilla VPN:

  • Device-level encryption
  • Strong servers in 30+ countries
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • No online activity logs now or ever
  • Connect up to 5 devices

Feel safe on sketchy wifi

Go online with peace of mind when you’re using public wifi thanks to Mozilla VPN. It protects your internet connection so your personal data is hidden from hackers and prying eyes.

Privacy at your fingertips

With Mozilla VPN, your internet connection is encrypted and your IP address is protected from hackers and nosy internet providers thanks to WireGuard® advanced protocol.

Access servers around the world

Set your Mac’s location to your choice of more than 500+ servers in 30+ countries. This lets you check the news, shop, stream and surf the web from just about anywhere.

Protect 5 devices with one subscription

Your computer, tablet and smartphone all deserve to be secure. Use Mozilla VPN to protect up to 5 Mac and iOS devices (in addition to Windows, Linux and Android).

No need to sacrifice speed

Unlimited data and no bandwidth restrictions mean you can explore the corners of the internet like you normally do — with an extra level of security.

What you do online is your business

Enjoy peace of mind when you use the Mozilla VPN. Your data is encrypted, your activity is never logged, and your privacy is always protected. That’s our promise to you.