Nus scuvrin l'internet dal tuttafatg da nov.

Ti pos scuvrir nossas pli novas innovaziuns — basadas sin tecnologias dal web libras e creadas per gidar ch'igl internet restia per adina saun ed accessibel.

La realitad virtuala entra en la plattafurma dal web

Cun WebVR pon sviluppaders, designers ed artists parter aventuras en la realitad virtuala sur il web.

Ulteriuras infurmaziuns

Firefox Quantum per sviluppaders stat a disposiziun (e quel è svelt!)

La nova ediziun da Firefox per sviluppaders ha ina maschina nova, svelta sco ina frizza ed è sviluppada en Rust. Ti pos avair ella inclusiv funcziuns novas p.ex. per analisar griglias da CSS e debugar frameworks.

Ulteriuras infurmaziuns

Novs gieus grazia al web

Cun fermas tecnologias dal web, introducidas da Mozilla, portan ils sviluppaders gieus sin in nov nivel.

Vesair las novaziuns

Crear il web da las chaussas

Nus vulain crear in framework avert da software e servetschs per l'internet da las chaussas che po simplifitgar la communicaziun tranter apparats connectads.


Sviluppar in navigatur che ta chapescha

La proxima unda d'innovaziuns per il web cumenza cun in navigatur pli intuitiv ed util ch'è fatg per tai.

Ulteriuras infurmaziuns

Per inventar ina linguatg da programmar pli segir

Rust ch'è sponsurisà da Mozilla permetta als navigaturs, als sistems ed ad autra software da funcziunar bler pli svelt e segir.

Infurmaziuns davart Rust


Legia ils pli novs artitgels en ils blogs da tecnologia da Mozilla.

  • MDN’s First Annual Web Developer & Designer Survey


    Today we are launching our first annual MDN Developer & Designer Needs Survey. Web developers and designers, we urge you to participate! This is your opportunity to tell us about your needs and frustrations with the web. Your participation will influence how browser vendors like Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung prioritize feature development.

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  • Add-Ons Outage Post-Mortem Result


    We’ve been conducting an ongoing post-mortem on the add-ons outage that occurred earlier this year. There was a lot more digging to do than we expected. In addition to this updated high-level overview, we’ve also published our findings in detailed incident and technical reports that are now available.

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  • Testing Picture-in-Picture for videos in Firefox 69 Beta and Developer Edition


    Firefox has an experimental new UI feature in Firefox 69 Beta and Developer Edition – and Firefox engineers are looking for feedback on the implementation. Picture in Picture in the browser lets you pop a video out from where it’s being played into a special kind of window that’s always on top. Then you can move that window around or resize it however you need! Let us know what you think.

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  • Firefox 68: BigInts, Contrast Checks, and the QuantumBar


    Firefox 68 is available today, sporting support for big integers, whole-page contrast checks checks for accessibility, and a completely new implementation of a core Firefox feature: the ever-awesome URL bar. Dan Callahan also reports on updated CSS scroll-snapping and other features, DOM API updates, next steps in the WebRender implementation, and more.

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