Niatri semmo derê a fâ un neuvo Internet.

Amia e urtime inovaçioin — fæte con tecnòlogie averte e progetòu pe mantegnî Internet in bonn-a salûte.

Femmo da Realtæ Virtoâle 'na realtæ pe tutti

Deuviando A-Frame, svilupatoî, progetatoî e artisti, semmo boin a creâ esperiense VR acesibili.

Preuva oua

Deuvia o Web pe cangiâ o mòddo de zeugâ

Con tecnòlogie Web potenti, inandiæ da Mozilla, i svilupatoî portan i zeughi a 'n âtro livello.

Zeuga con quarche demo

Azonzi seguessa a l'Internet de cöse

Con l'inovaçion avèrta, niâtri portemmo a seguessa e-a trasparénsa a-a ræ di dispoxitivi picin.

Pe saveine de ciù

Costruimmo 'n navegatô ch'o te capisce

A proscima generaçion de l'esploraçion da Ræ o l'é 'n navegatô ciù intoitivo, utile e d'acòrdio con ti.

Pe saveine de ciù

Inventemmo 'na lengoa de programaçion ciù segûa

Soportou da Mozilla, Rust o permette a-i navegatoî, scistemi e âtro de anâ ciù velôce e ciù segûo.

Mia chi o video


Lezi e urtime dò-u blog tecnològico de Mozilla.

  • Showcasing your WebVR experiences


    WebVR combines the powerful reach of the Internet with the immersive appeal of virtual reality content. With WebVR, a VR experience is never more than one URL away. Nevertheless, VR equipment is still expensive and not quite adopted for consumer use. For this reason, it is useful to be able to record your VR projects for others to experience and enjoy. This tutorial teaches you how to record a virtual experience you’ve created using the mirror mode in SteamVR.

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  • Having fun with physics and A-Frame


    A-Frame is a WebVR framework to build virtual reality experiences. It comes with some bundled components that allow you to easily add behavior to your VR scenes, but you can download more –or even create your own. In this post, you can see how to create a VR scene that integrates a physics engine via a third-party component.

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  • Debugger.html Call Stack Improvements


    Debugger.html is an open source project, built on top of React and Redux, that functions as a standalone debugger for Firefox, Chrome and Node. The debugger is also being integrated into the Firefox Developer Tools offering. Currently it is available in the Firefox 53 release behind the preference.

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  • Quantum Up Close: What is a browser engine?


    A web browser is a piece of software that loads remote files and displays them locally, allowing for user interaction. Quantum is the code name for an project we’ve undertaken at Mozilla to massively upgrade the Firefox browser engine. In this post, we’ll start from the beginning, by explaining the fundamental thing Quantum is changing and why you should care.

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