Niatri semmo derê a fâ un neuvo Internet.

Amia e urtime inovaçioin — fæte con tecnòlogie averte e progetòu pe mantegnî Internet in bonn-a salute.

Pòrta a realtæ virtoale inta Ræ

Svilopatoî, designer e artisti peuan condividde esperiense de realtæ virtoale into web graçie a WebVR.

Pe saveine de ciù

Gh'é Firefox Quantum pe svilupatoî o l'é chi (e ciù veloce!)

A neuva ediçion de Firefox Developer Edition a l'à un fantastico motô CSS fæto in Rust. Piggitelo co-e fonçioin inovative comme CSS Grid Layout panel e framework debugging.

Pe saveine de ciù

Deuvia o Web pe cangiâ o mòddo de zeugâ

Con tecnòlogie Web potenti, inandiæ da Mozilla, i svilupatoî portan i zeughi a 'n âtro livello.

Cöse gh'é de neuvo

Derê a fâ l'internet de cöse

Niatri travagiemmo pe creâ 'n internet de cöse averto con software e serviççi che peuan colegâ diversci dispoxitivi conessi.


Costruimmo 'n navegatô ch'o te capisce

A proscima generaçion de l'esploraçion da Ræ o l'é 'n navegatô ciù intoitivo, utile e fæto pe ti.

Pe saveine de ciù

Inventemmo 'na lengoa de programaçion ciù segûa

Sponsorizou da Mozilla, Rust o permette a-o navegatô, scistemi e tanto atro d'anâ ciù veloce e seguo.

Descòvri Rust


Lezi e urtime dò-u blog tecnològico de Mozilla.

  • How accessibility trees inform assistive tech


    The web was designed with built-in features to make accessibility possible; these have been part of the platform pretty much from the beginning. In recent times, inspectable accessibility trees have made it easier to see how things work in practice. In this post we look at how “good” client-side code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) improves the experience for users of assistive technologies, and how developers can use accessibility trees to help verify that these users aren’t left out.

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  • View Source 5 comes to Amsterdam


    Mozilla’s View Source Conference is back! This year we’re in Amsterdam, September 30 – October 1, 2019. Tickets are available now. We’ve shifted our focus to take a deeper look at the web platform and how it is evolving and to offer attendees access to the folks who are shaping today’s web and the web of the future.

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  • CSS Scroll Snap Updated in Firefox 68


    The CSS Scroll Snap specification gives us a way in CSS to snap between different elements in a page or scrolling component. In this post, Rachel Andrew explains how scroll snapping works, why we had a situation where browsers were running different versions of the specification, and how that’s changing.

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  • CSS Grid Level 2 – subgrid is coming to Firefox


    The subgrid feature which is part of Level 2 of the CSS Grid Specification is not yet shipping in any browser, but is now available for testing in Firefox Nightly. This is a feature that, if you have used CSS Grid for a layout of any complexity, you are likely to be pretty excited about

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