Domain strategy


If you’d like to create new Web content or functionality, please follow this guide to determine the right home for it in the Mozilla Web universe:

  1. is used for almost all sites
  2. new sites use sub-domains (
  3. new pages on existing sites use sub-directories (

Which to use depends on whether you’re creating new functionality or making use of existing functionality. Say you’re promoting the new breath-freshening feature in Firefox:

  • a new campaign that lets people submit videos of themselves talking about it would be a standalone site (; the purpose of the site determines the URL ( serves add-ons, provides support, etc.).
  • a static page about the feature would be added to the existing site (; the www signals that the site is for static Web pages

Note: It might make sense not to use on some occasions, though no other Mozilla domains should be used on public sites (,,, etc.). We are in the process of phasing those out.