Firefox OS usage

The role of the fox

The fox is not a logo and never exists by itself. The fox is always composed with at least one product or message. The fox should never appear without the Firefox OS wordmark.

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Composing with the fox

To reinforce the relationship among the fox, people and products, compositions should aim for one to two points of overlap:

  • One part of the fox behind the subject
  • One part of the fox in front of the subject
Composing with the fox example Composing with the fox example Composing with the fox example

Product renders

Using generic product renders with Firefox OS screens is an additional element that helps bring the brand to life.

Default screen — splash

Default splash screen

Default screen — apps

Default app screen

Usage don’ts

Upside-down fox example

Don’t compose the fox upside-down

Obscure fox example

Don’t obscure the fox’s face or head or let him disappear into the background

Illegible example

Don’t obscure messaging or make it illegible in any way

More than one fox example

Don’t use more than one fox at a time

Cropped fox example

Don’t cut off and continue the fox out of the composition

Altered fox tail example

Don’t alter or extend the fox’s tail