Firefox OS overview


Firefox OS is a catalyst for individual and collective progress

We have always fought to keep the Web open so innovation and creativity can flourish.

Because we believe that each and every one of us has the right to information and inspiration that will expand our perspectives, increase our abilities and maximize our impact. We believe life is too short to live inside someone else’s walls. And we believe the more we’re connected, the further we can go.

But for the Internet to live up to its potential, everyone needs access. Now with Firefox OS, we’re making it possible for more people to take advantage of the full power of the Web — giving you the freedom to blaze your own path, amplify your voice, control your destiny, transform the future.



We give more people the freedom to access the Web and exercise personal choice and control over the information and inspiration that makes a real difference in their lives.


We are catalysts for progress and innovate for the public good through the contribution of many.


We are fun, confident, spirited and always on the move, creating experiences that bring smiles to people’s faces.


We believe the open Web will enable a better future and create mobile experiences that can transform the lives of people everywhere.


We value creativity and diversity, and invite people to join the global playing field while providing the best local content.

Tone of voice

Messaging is an essential element of the identity system and should reinforce the spirit of the Firefox OS brand. Keep the identity principles in mind when developing copy.


Use confident and modern language. For brand or headline messaging, keep the statements short — ideally no more than four words.


Reinforce the ideas of progress, mobility and performance, and the ways that Firefox OS is constantly innovating to keep the Web open, safe and useful.


Be friendly, real and supportive. Be respectful of our global audience. Use everyday language and avoid technology jargon.


Cut through the clutter by being clear, straightforward and not overly complicated. Express ideas succinctly.

Elevator pitch

When describing the Firefox OS product, use the approved product description as shown on this page.

The world is changing. There are new opportunities and new ways to connect emerging every day. People are looking for ways to adapt to that world, to take advantage of those opportunities as they arise and to participate in a better future for themselves and those around them.

That’s exactly what Firefox OS offers. With an innovative Adaptive App Search, it gives you instant access to information on just about any subject. From the fleeting instants of everyday life to the most important of experiences, Firefox OS lets anyone live every moment to its fullest. It’s so quick and easy to use, it feels like the phone knows what you want before you do.

Featuring the world’s best-known apps as well as unique, local content, Firefox OS is packed with the features that made you want a smartphone in the first place. It lets you make plans with friends and family, find your way to where you’re going and take and share photos when you get there.

It’s all brought to by a proudly non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands and a global community working to innovate on your behalf. When you use choose Firefox OS, you become a part of that community, helping build a brighter future for the Web and users everywhere.