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  • Inspect, Modify, and Debug React and Redux in Firefox with Add-ons

    React, along with Redux, is one of the fastest and most flexible UI frameworks on the web. It’s easy to write, easy to use and is great for teams. However, it’s not easy to debug them in the browser. Now, browser add-ons like React Developer Tools, Redux DevTools, and Vue let you inspect, modify, and debug your code right in the browser.

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  • The MDN Redesign “Behind the Scenes”

    MDN is getting a new look today. Read about the changes we’ve made, like bug fixes, toning down the contrast and enabling http2. Want to hear more about our new system for overriding site fonts on a per-locale basis? Drop us a line in the comments section. Did we break something you love? File a bug and we’ll take a look.

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  • Optimizing Performance of A-Frame Scenes for Mobile Devices

    A-Frame makes building 3D and VR web applications easy, so developers of all skill levels can create rich and interactive virtual worlds. For an Oregon State University student project focused on WebVR, our team investigated performance and optimizations for A-Frame on Android smartphones. We developed a means of benchmarking the level of 3D complexity a mobile phone is capable of, and determining which performance metrics are required for such a benchmark.

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