Aql-aɣ neldi Internet d amaynut akk.

Wali isnulfuyen-nneɣ ineggura— yettwabnan s titiknulujiyin Web yeldin yettwafeṣlen akken ad ǧǧent Internet yeǧhed u yettwakcam i yal yiwen.

Awway n tilawt tuhlist ɣer tɣerɣert web

S WebVR, ineflayen, imfeṣṣlen d yinaẓuren ad izmiren ad bḍun tirmitin s tilawt tuhlist di Web.

Lmed ugar

Firefox Quantum i yineflayen yella (yerna d arurad!)

Firefox Developer Edition amaynut yegber amsedday CSS amaynut arurad nezzeh yettwagen s useqdec n Rust. Yessumur timahilin timaynutin am ugalis n timezza CSS neɣ tamseɣtayt n wahilen.

Lmed ugar

Asemres n uẓeṭṭa Web akken ad nbeddel urar

S titiknulujiyin Web tuzmirin i d-teṣṣenṭi Mozilla, isneflayen la ssawaḍen uraren ɣer uswir amaynut.

Wali amaynut

Bennu n Web n tɣawsiwin

Aql-aɣ nxeddem akken ad nernu Web n tɣawsiwin yeldin i useɣẓan akked yimeẓla izemren ad gen abrid i teywalt gar yibenkan yeqqnen.


Asali n yiminig web i ken-ifehmen

Isnulfuyen i d-iteddun di web, d iminig iẓewren, inefɛen, yernan fell-ak.

Lmed ugar

Asnulfu n tutlayt n usihel taɣelsant

Ddaw leɛnaya n Mozilla, Rust ad isireg iminigen, inagrawen d wayen-nniḍen akken ad ddun s wugar n urured d tɣeliist.

Issin ɣef Rust


Γer isallen ineggura seg yiblugen n ttiknulujit n Mozilla.

  • Firefox 67: Dark Mode CSS, WebRender, and more


    Firefox 67 is now available in general release, bringing a faster and better JavaScript debugger, support for CSS prefers-color-scheme queries, and the initial debut of WebRender in stable Firefox. Dan Callahan walks through the highlights of browser, platform, and tooling features.

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  • Faster smarter JavaScript debugging in Firefox DevTools


    Script debugging is one of the most powerful and complex productivity features in the web developer toolbox. Done right, it empowers developers to fix bugs quickly and efficiently. The DevTools Debugger team – with help from our tireless developer community – has just landed updates that significantly improve performance and reliability.

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  • Empowering User Privacy and Decentralizing IoT with Mozilla WebThings


    In designing Mozilla WebThings, we have consciously insulated users from servers that could harvest their data, including our own Mozilla servers, by offering an interoperable, decentralized IoT solution. Learn about the user research that informs our project, and how we’ve engineered privacy by design into every aspect of Mozilla WebThings.

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  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Removal Update


    As you may have read last year, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Chrome browsers are removing support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in March of 2020. That means there’s less than a year to enable TLS 1.2 (and, ideally, 1.3) on your servers, otherwise all major browsers will display error pages, rather than the content your users came to see.

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