Aql-aɣ neldi Internet d amaynut akk.

Wali isnulfuyen-nneɣ ineggura— yettwabnan s titiknulujiyin Web yeldin yettwafeṣlen akken ad ǧǧent Internet yeǧhed u yettwakcam i yal yiwen.

Awway n tilawt tuhlist ɣer tɣerɣert web

S WebVR, ineflayen, imfeṣṣlen d yinaẓuren ad izmiren ad bḍun tirmitin s tilawt tuhlist di Web.

Lmed ugar

Firefox Quantum i yineflayen yella (yerna d arurad!)

Firefox Developer Edition amaynut yegber amsedday CSS amaynut arurad nezzeh yettwagen s useqdec n Rust. Yessumur timahilin timaynutin am ugalis n timezza CSS neɣ tamseɣtayt n wahilen.

Lmed ugar

Asemres n uẓeṭṭa Web akken ad nbeddel urar

S titiknulujiyin Web tuzmirin i d-teṣṣenṭi Mozilla, isneflayen la ssawaḍen uraren ɣer uswir amaynut.

Wali amaynut

Bennu n Web n tɣawsiwin

Aql-aɣ nxeddem akken ad nernu Web n tɣawsiwin yeldin i useɣẓan akked yimeẓla izemren ad gen abrid i teywalt gar yibenkan yeqqnen.


Asali n yiminig web i ken-ifehmen

Isnulfuyen i d-iteddun di web, d iminig iẓewren, inefɛen, yernan fell-ak.

Lmed ugar

Asnulfu n tutlayt n usihel taɣelsant

Ddaw leɛnaya n Mozilla, Rust ad isireg iminigen, inagrawen d wayen-nniḍen akken ad ddun s wugar n urured d tɣeliist.

Issin ɣef Rust


Γer isallen ineggura seg yiblugen n ttiknulujit n Mozilla.

  • Augmented Reality and the Browser — An App Experiment


    What kinds of tools do artists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and creatives of all flavors need to be able to easily make augmented reality experiences? What kinds of apps can people build with tools we provide? In this in-depth retrospective, Anselm Hook describes the challenges and learnings from creating ARPersist, an experimental AR app that lets you apply virtual post-it notes in real-world spaces.

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  • Designing the Flexbox Inspector


    CSS Flexbox is an increasingly popular layout model that helps in building robust dynamic page layouts. However, it has a big learning curve! The new Flexbox Inspector, created by Firefox DevTools, helps developers understand the sizing, positioning, and nesting of Flexbox elements. You can try it out now in Firefox Nightly or Dev Edition.

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  • Mozilla Hacks’ 10 most-read posts of 2018


    Our top posts this year were read by hundreds of thousands of developers and ranged across a variety of categories – including JavaScript and WebAssembly, CSS, the Web of Things, and Firefox Quantum. (Featured image is by Lin Clark.)

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  • MDN Changelog for November 2018


    MDN wraps up a year of hard work by shipping monthly MDN payments, converting from Font Awesome to SVG, adding browser names to compatibility tables, and growing the development team. Thanks to every one of the contributors who’ve helped us make MDN Web Docs better than ever in 2018.

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