Aql-aɣ neldi Internet d amaynut akk.

Wali isnulfuyen-nneɣ ineggura— yettwabnan s titiknulujiyin Web yeldin yettwafeṣlen akken ad ǧǧent Internet yeǧhed u yettwakcam i yal yiwen.

Awway n tilawt tuhlist ɣer tɣerɣert web

S WebVR, ineflayen, imfeṣṣlen d yinaẓuren ad izmiren ad bḍun tirmitin s tilawt tuhlist di Web.

Lmed ugar

Firefox Quantum i yineflayen yella (yerna d arurad!)

Firefox Developer Edition amaynut yegber amsedday CSS amaynut arurad nezzeh yettwagen s useqdec n Rust. Yessumur timahilin timaynutin am ugalis n timezza CSS neɣ tamseɣtayt n wahilen.

Lmed ugar

Asemres n uẓeṭṭa Web akken ad nbeddel urar

S titiknulujiyin Web tuzmirin i d-teṣṣenṭi Mozilla, isneflayen la ssawaḍen uraren ɣer uswir amaynut.

Wali amaynut

Bennu n Web n tɣawsiwin

Aql-aɣ nxeddem akken ad nernu Web n tɣawsiwin yeldin i useɣẓan akked yimeẓla izemren ad gen abrid i teywalt gar yibenkan yeqqnen.


Asali n yiminig web i ken-ifehmen

Isnulfuyen i d-iteddun di web, d iminig iẓewren, inefɛen, yernan fell-ak.

Lmed ugar

Asnulfu n tutlayt n usihel taɣelsant

Ddaw leɛnaya n Mozilla, Rust ad isireg iminigen, inagrawen d wayen-nniḍen akken ad ddun s wugar n urured d tɣeliist.

Issin ɣef Rust


Γer isallen ineggura seg yiblugen n ttiknulujit n Mozilla.

  • The Power of Web Components


    Web Components comprises a set of standards that enable user-defined HTML elements. These elements can go in all the same places as traditional HTML. Despite the long standardization process, the emerging promise of Web Components puts more power in the hands of developers and creators.

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  • New & Experimental Web Design Tools: Feedback Requested


    We’re currently hard at work on some new tools for web designers: a comprehensive Flexbox Inspector as well as CSS change-tracking. Tell us about your biggest CSS and web design issues and pain points in the first-ever Design Tools survey from Mozilla! We want to hear from developers and designers, no matter what browser you use.

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  • Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync


    Firefox Sync lets you share your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and other browser data between different devices, and send tabs from one device to another. We think it’s important to highlight the privacy aspects of Sync, which protects all your synced data by default so Mozilla can’t read it, ever. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the technical design choices we made in order to put user privacy first.

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