Aql-aɣ neldi Internet d amaynut akk.

Wali isnulfuyen-nneɣ ineggura— yettwabnan s titiknulujiyin Web yeldin yettwafeṣlen akken ad ǧǧent Internet yeǧhed u yettwakcam i yal yiwen.

Awway n tilawt tuhlist ɣer tɣerɣert web

S WebVR, ineflayen, imfeṣṣlen d yinaẓuren ad izmiren ad bḍun tirmitin s tilawt tuhlist di Web.

Lmed ugar

Firefox Quantum i yineflayen yella (yerna d arurad!)

Firefox Developer Edition amaynut yegber amsedday CSS amaynut arurad nezzeh yettwagen s useqdec n Rust. Yessumur timahilin timaynutin am ugalis n timezza CSS neɣ tamseɣtayt n wahilen.

Lmed ugar

Asemres n uẓeṭṭa Web akken ad nbeddel urar

S titiknulujiyin Web tuzmirin i d-teṣṣenṭi Mozilla, isneflayen la ssawaḍen uraren ɣer uswir amaynut.

Wali amaynut

Bennu n Web n tɣawsiwin

Aql-aɣ nxeddem akken ad nernu Web n tɣawsiwin yeldin i useɣẓan akked yimeẓla izemren ad gen abrid i teywalt gar yibenkan yeqqnen.


Asali n yiminig web i ken-ifehmen

Isnulfuyen i d-iteddun di web, d iminig iẓewren, inefɛen, yernan fell-ak.

Lmed ugar

Asnulfu n tutlayt n usihel taɣelsant

Ddaw leɛnaya n Mozilla, Rust ad isireg iminigen, inagrawen d wayen-nniḍen akken ad ddun s wugar n urured d tɣeliist.

Issin ɣef Rust


Γer isallen ineggura seg yiblugen n ttiknulujit n Mozilla.

  • MDN’s First Annual Web Developer & Designer Survey


    Today we are launching our first annual MDN Developer & Designer Needs Survey. Web developers and designers, we urge you to participate! This is your opportunity to tell us about your needs and frustrations with the web. Your participation will influence how browser vendors like Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung prioritize feature development.

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  • Add-Ons Outage Post-Mortem Result


    We’ve been conducting an ongoing post-mortem on the add-ons outage that occurred earlier this year. There was a lot more digging to do than we expected. In addition to this updated high-level overview, we’ve also published our findings in detailed incident and technical reports that are now available.

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  • Testing Picture-in-Picture for videos in Firefox 69 Beta and Developer Edition


    Firefox has an experimental new UI feature in Firefox 69 Beta and Developer Edition – and Firefox engineers are looking for feedback on the implementation. Picture in Picture in the browser lets you pop a video out from where it’s being played into a special kind of window that’s always on top. Then you can move that window around or resize it however you need! Let us know what you think.

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  • Firefox 68: BigInts, Contrast Checks, and the QuantumBar


    Firefox 68 is available today, sporting support for big integers, whole-page contrast checks checks for accessibility, and a completely new implementation of a core Firefox feature: the ever-awesome URL bar. Dan Callahan also reports on updated CSS scroll-snapping and other features, DOM API updates, next steps in the WebRender implementation, and more.

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