Tamahilt tamaynut: Firefox ugar n tugna deg tugna

Eg ugar s tvidyutin tudhimin

Got things to do and things to watch? Do both using Picture-in-Picture in Firefox. It lets you pop a video out of its webpage and pin it to your screen so you can keep watching while you’re on other pages, tabs and apps.

Ha-t-a wamek iteddu:

  1. Play any video in your Firefox browser, like this one starring red panda cubs.
  2. Click the Picture-in-Picture button that appears over the video, and it’ll pop out.
  3. Cruise around to other tabs or even outside of Firefox. The video stays put!

3 aṭas n yiberdan i useqdec n tugna-deg-tugna

Awali n usarag neɣ timlilit mi ara tettaruḍ iwenniten

Keep a tutorial video open with a recipe while you cook

Asedhu n yimcac, n yiqjan d warrac mi ara tesεuḍ axeddim.