Nos inaugura un internet completemente nove.

Explora alcunos de nostre ultime innovationes, construite con technologias web aperte e concipite pro adjutar a mantener internet san e accessibile pro sempre.

Integrar le realitate virtual in le platteforma web

Con WebVR, disveloppatores, designatores e artistas pote compartir experientias de VR sur le web.

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Ecce Firefox Quantum pro disveloppatores (e illo es veloce!)

Le nove edition pro disveloppatores de Firefox ha un nove, fulmineemente veloce motor de CSS integrate in Rust. Obtene lo con le functionalitates innovative como le quadro de disposition del grillia de CSS e le structura de depuration.

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Le populo vole web e jocos

Con technologias web potente, inventate per Mozilla, le disveloppatores porta le jocos a un altere nivello.

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Construer le Web del cosas

Nos labora al creation de un infrastructura aperte pro le "Web del Cosas" de software e servicios que pote jectar un ponte sur le lacuna de communication inter apparatos connectite.


Construer un navigator que te comprende

Le proxime generation del discoperta Web es un navigator que es plus intuitive, utile e in harmonia con te.

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Inventar un linguage de programmation plus secur

Patrocinate per Mozilla, Rust permitte al navigatores, systemas e multo plus un functionamento plus rapide e secur.

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Lege le ultime novas sur le blogs technologic de Mozilla.

  • Thermostats, Locks and Extension Add-ons – WebThings Gateway 0.10


    Today we are releasing WebThings Gateway 0.10. This new release comes with support for thermostats and smart locks, as well as an updated add-ons system including extension add-ons, which enable developers to extend the gateway user interface. We’ve also added localisation settings so that you can choose your country, language, time zone and unit preferences.

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  • Upcoming notification permission changes in Firefox 72


    Earlier this year we decided to reduce the amount of unsolicited notification permission prompts people receive as they move around the web using the Firefox browser. This is an intrinsic part of Mozilla’s commitment to putting people first when they are online. In preparation, we ran a series of studies and experiments to understand how to improve the user experience and reduce annoyance. Now we’re making some changes to the workflow for how sites ask users for permission to send them notifications.

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  • Announcing the Bytecode Alliance: Building a secure by default, composable future for WebAssembly


    Lin Clark introduces the Bytecode Alliance, and uses Code Cartoon illustrations to share their vision of a WebAssembly ecosystem that is secure by default, fixing cracks in today’s software foundations. Based on advances in the emerging WebAssembly community, founding members of the Alliance – Mozilla, Fastly, Intel, and Red Hat – believe we can make this vision real. And we invite others to join the collaboration.

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