Romoheñói peteĩ ñanduti ipyahupaitéva.

Ehapykuehomi ipyahuvéva tembiapokue oñemoheñóiva ñanduti rempipirupyahu ndive ijuruja ha oñemoha’angáva oipytyvõ hag̃ua ñanduti resãi ha jeikereívo opa ára.

Eguerúvo añetegua ñanduti ojehechaukahápe

Eipurúvo WebVR, mboguatahára, moha’angahára ha ikatupyrýva ikatuhína omoherakuã añetegua ñanduti ojehechaukahápe.


Firefox Quantum for Developers oĩ ápe (¡ha ipya'e!)

Firefox Developer Edition ipyahuvéva oguereko peteĩ CSS mongu’eha pyahu ipya’etereíva Rust-pe oñemoheñóiva. Egueru tembiapoite ipyahúva CSS Grid Layout ha framework mopotĩha rendápe.


Ñanduti jepuru ñembosarái ñemoambuerã

Umi ñanduti rembipurupyahu imbaretevéva, Mozilla omoñepyrũva’kue, mboguataharakuéra omotenonde ñembosarái ambue hendápe.

Ehecha mba'e ipyahúva

Ejapo ñanduti mba'eguáva

Romba'aporoína romoheñói hag̃ua plataforma ijurujáva sotware ha mba'epururã ñanduti mba'eguávape g̃uarã, ikatútava ohasa umi marandu oĩva mba'e'oka ojuajúva ndive.

Jeguata ñepyrũ

Emoheñói peteĩ kundaha iporãva

Umi mba’epyahu ñanduti pegua tenonderãguáva kundaha ohechavéta, hekoporã ha ojogueraháta nendive.


Emoheñói peteĩ programaión ñe'ẽ hekorosãva

Mozilla oipytyvõva, Rust omoneĩ kundahára, apopyvusu ha hetave ipya'eve ha hekorasã hag̃ua.

Eikuaave Rust rehegua


Emoñe'ẽ blog Mozilla rehegua ipyahúva.

  • Faster smarter JavaScript debugging in Firefox DevTools


    Script debugging is one of the most powerful and complex productivity features in the web developer toolbox. Done right, it empowers developers to fix bugs quickly and efficiently. The DevTools Debugger team – with help from our tireless developer community – has just landed updates that significantly improve performance and reliability.

    Emoñe'ẽve ehóvo
  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Removal Update


    As you may have read last year, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Chrome browsers are removing support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in March of 2020. That means there’s less than a year to enable TLS 1.2 (and, ideally, 1.3) on your servers, otherwise all major browsers will display error pages, rather than the content your users came to see.

    Emoñe'ẽve ehóvo
  • Technical Details on the Recent Firefox Add-on Outage


    Recently, Firefox had an incident in which most add-ons stopped working. This was due to an error on our end: we let one of the certificates used to sign add-ons expire which had the effect of disabling the vast majority of add-ons. Now that we’ve fixed the problem for most users and most people’s add-ons are restored, I wanted to walk through the details of what happened, why, and how we repaired it.

    Emoñe'ẽve ehóvo