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Congratulations! You’ve downloaded or compiled a Daily build of Thunderbird. These are the builds that contain the latest additions and changes to Thunderbird.

Earlybird is the place where we stabilise our features before pushing them to our beta users. Experience the newest innovations as they’re developed.

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Help our QA team improve this version of Thunderbird, see our wiki for more details

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If you notice any problems with Daily, please file a bug using these instructions.

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Please use the Crash Reporter when Daily crashes. It gives us valuable data on the most serious crashes and how people encounter them. ‘Tell Mozilla’ must be checked, and add a comment before you click ‘Restart’ or ‘Quit’. An email address is also useful if we need to contact you for more details.

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More Ways to Help

Get Involved! You don’t have to be technical and being involved is good for people wanting to get more familiar with Thunderbird.