Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
856577 crash in nsMovemailService::GetNewMail
892419 Permanent Orange (Windows): TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-crashing.js | test_can_crash_plugin, …
516356 Tools > Activity manager does not bring existing activity mananger window in the foreground
892678 Port bug 763181 to TB | 23.0b1 fails to package if configured --with-system-nspr/--with-system-nss/-…
903946 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ../../../resources/logHelper.js | Error console says [stackFrame uncaught exc…
851467 Thunderbird 17.0.3 crashes when calling createSmtpServer after createAccount for new profile
878604 Convert search dialog folderpicker to newer binding, it's prettier -- and rdf free.
861454 Instant Messaging broken in Thunderbird 21 Beta, by an extension
389139 Thunderbird should NOT show the source account under "Inbox for different account" in the advanced s…
882964 Move CMMSRCS to in comm-central
814382 Can't change encoding for source view in TB17
876054 Stop using getPreventDefault() in convbrowser.xml
842073 Migrate toolkit.telemetry.prompted pref from bool to int to match Firefox.
882200 crash in nsLDAPOperation::GetMessageListener @ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef
873754 Tweak Last-Modified date for new feed subscribe
883485 Allow deletion of news posts by default (with a prompt!)
872478 [trunk] Make package is failing because of missing files in package-manifest
741158 "Always load remote content from ..." fails to work with Thunderbird on OS X (Picks up contact from …
483505 Tooltips missing in folder pane when feed or mailbox name too wide
890204 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar on the standalone message windo…
724522 Don't prompt twice when we can't save a draft message
913964 Don't show 'Ignore Thread', 'Ignore Subthread', and 'Watch Thread' menu items on non-mail, special t…
901678 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | POP3pump.js | [Exception... (NS_ERROR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED_PAT…
881694 Namespace text fields are not properly cleared when opened for multiple accounts
883506 Use arrowpopup for editContactPanel
562227 When using the URL referenced the feed gets cut into two pieces making the feed invalid
877620 If there are no "Recent Closed tabs" disable the menu
876087 Remove use of getUserData and setUserData from about:support
235956 add number of unread messages next to (collapsed) account name
876347 Move to->Recent-><name of your recent folder> is empty
550794 View > Feed Message Body As: incorrect/unexpected re-arrangement of grouped pref menus in 'Summary' …
901514 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | log4moz.js | gloda.datastore ERROR got error in _asyncTrack…
891745 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/mozmill/content-tabs/test-plugin-crashing…
884801 In the contacts sidebar in compose window, the column titles of the found cards list are white
687428 RSS feeds fetching new messages when application is offline (e.g. at startup)
881221 Don't try to package MSVC dlls if WIN32_REDIST_DIR is not set, in Thunderbird
864838 Replace nsIBlocklistService with Services.jsm (port bug 856144)
861767 Use new nsIMsgIncomingServer.protocolInfo attribute where useful
495946 thunderbird show threaded, sort by date - randomly sorts the dates
879435 my vCard forgets values (preferred email format and jabber id)
883532 convert uses of nsIDocShellHistory in comm-central
904162 Permanent Orange (windows): TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_partsOnDemand.js | test_attachment_size.js |…
780110 Trash folder not automatically created with new Feed account, only on restart; this causes folder de…
880464 Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account
881235 Add actors and initial UI for remote debugging
888660 MOZ_MOVEMAIL ifdef not working for account central page
878933 in Thunderbird message list context menu, show "Open message in new Tab" above "Open message in new …
399446 Newsgroup: should not be displayed if there is no newsgroup account
866903 Investigate removing calendar/sunbird/
884824 Move EXTRA_JS_MODULES to in c-c
722265 Column header selection popup no longer exposed to accessibility APIs
508250 Provide "Forward as" options as dropdown button menu entries (dualbutton / menu-button for forwardin…
686427 Remove trailing spaces from mail header string entities and adjust the padding to compensate.
870236 Consolidate return value behaviour of nsMsgSearchTerm::Match* functions
884287 Menu bar has too much space left on it's right side
786487 Potential crash while folder compaction
892255 Remove "Revocation Lists" button from Advanced > Certificates options
873872 Feed messages with image attachments and Display Inline set should show the remote image
871266 properly close customize dialog in test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu (TEST-UNEXPECT…
174437 Priority levels in Filter search popup should be ordered Highest to Lowest
724326 [OpenSearch]: Fix unnecessary and unlocalizable "Search the web" string
877671 crash in nsEventListenerManager::RemoveEventListener
839272 Re-enable WebRTC when bug 837618 is fixed
474730 should search newest first - searching returns messages in bad order, making searches very time-cons…
893548 Print dialogue from main 3pane disappears immediately into background (hidden behind main window as …
867437 Remove calls to nsIX509Cert.verifyForUsage in mailnews
839279 Code cleanup in /editor/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains and use querySe…
901959 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_index_messages_imap_offline.js | test_index_messages_i…
882963 Move EXTRA_COMPONENTS to in comm-central
874101 Add entries to .hgignore
727414 Busy cursor in thread and folderpane while reading news (ui.use_activity_cursor = true)
349049 subscribe to feed cancel confirmation dialog (sheet) comes up after parent window closed
812923 Dragging a huge number of messages onto a folder freezes TB even BEFORE dropping
858238 should use string based identifiers rather than numbers
863617 Fix leftovers from switch to Services.jsm and mailServices.js
529131 Can't create / add rss or newsserver accounts from account central
902934 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_attachment_size.js | logHelper.js | Error console says…
855687 Perma orange on Linux debug: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-account-settings-infrastructure.js::test_ac…
891372 RSS feed does not get latest posts
870282 Searching by "Priority" is missing an "Isn't" operator
889484 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Disconnect Error: Application unexpectedly closed (content-…
874896 New TB Toolbar icon polish
889745 Frequent Random Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-plugin-outdated.js | test_outdated_plugin_notifi…
437139 Change default reply positioning to "above the quote" for new mail accounts
897685 Double-click opens properties dialog
187798 Recipient column in Drafts (and Template) folder contains Sender for message with no recipient
97943 Sent Folder in "root" recreated even if Sent Folder moved
889752 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-recent-menu.js | test_move_message, test_delete_messag…
888218 clickable links in Help | About not shown in highlighted text for Daily and Earlybird.
883311 Add Tab List implementation for the remote debugger
871326 archive settings made for identities are not saved
901537 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_viewWrapper_virtualFolderCustomTerm.js | NS_BASE_STREA…
875675 prefs.js entry of mail.account.accountX.identities and mail.account.accountX.server is not removed b…
870565 Run all the files in comm-central from mozilla-central's config.status
901543 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_imapAutoSync.js | 2 == 1
901544 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_partsOnDemand.js/test_attachment_size.js | logHelper.j…
828587 [Exception... "'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "alert"' when calling method: [ns…
893100 Add Windows 8.1 support to thunderbird.exe.manifest
883629 remove test pilot from thunderbird
163869 unsubscribe alert is showing wrong newsserver if newsserver has been changed
874929 Adjust feed subscribe dialog css for recent folderpicker menulist changes
890546 Using lightweight themes causes the tab bar to move down 16px.
254132 Can't add feeds when offline or Network down
616222 crash [@ nsMsgAttachmentHandler::GetMimeDeliveryState(nsIMsgSend**)]
886454 Update check says "up to date" for out of date versions on unsupported OS versions - Port bug 843497…
810680 add proper port number checking into the Account manager where missing
881588 message header is read-only when compose window is reused
539837 Synchronize icons for RSS folders between folder list and feed subscriptions window
876222 Remove the separator indentation in viewPickerPopup
783886 crash in nsParseMailMessageState::GetAggregateHeader
530626 Implement Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut for "Find and Replace" on Windows (as in other Windows applicatio…
765637 Selecting multiple tags in quickfilter/view-button-menu should allow AND-operation
900552 HTML code injection by renaming attached file
881222 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-attachment-reminder.js::test_attachment_reminder_appea…
885740 Account central 2x icons for mac layout
876497 Add 'Show an alert' checkbox to OSX Preferences
880595 Recent changes making spell check more async (Bug 856270) broke spell check in Thunderbird
869966 Enable Thunderbird building with the Windows 8 SDK
594646 If order of http-equiv and content in <meta> is reversed(<meta content="...;charset=..." http-equiv=…
883527 Don't store empty message for empty feed <item>
873177 Fix typo that regresses getCellProperties result
857678 crash in nsMsgDatabase::RowCellColumnToCollationKey
832760 NNTP: It fails to save (autosave) a new message while editing the newsgroup-header
902370 Renaming IMAP folder using non-ASCII characters like Japanese creates .msf and .sbd (and so on) file…
898683 Context menu for .eml files is broken
881361 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-retest-config.js::test_re_test_config
846312 Twitter OpenSearch appears to be busted
869609 mail: Virtualenv failing on multi-arch Debian-based distros
903402 Permanent Orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_index_junk_imap_offline.js | uncaught exception: 21475…
425451 message compose window defaults to four lines for recipients, wasting screen real estate/vertical sp…
876268 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | c:\talos-slave\test\build\mozmill\tabmail\test-tabmail-cust…
861933 Adjust the viewPicker and locationFolders appearance with bug 814041 and bug 853431 in toolkit
884819 Move EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to in c-c
882502 remove unused knowsSearchNntpExtension and allowsPosting attributes from nsIMsgFolder
876790 Use published date instead of updated
882424 crash in SignedStatusRunnable::SignedStatusRunnable @ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef
887763 "When opening Feed Messages" not working in AppMenu
864254 disable some more options in preferences dialog according to the state of options they are dependent…