Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
869890 thunderbird should declare itself dpiAware on windows via the .exe manifest
681219 make method name of nsISmtpService decent
833028 Subjects with mixed ASCII and MIME words are incorrectly displayed
824150 Code cleanup in /mail/ and /mailnews/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains, r…
809990 Don't set the offline folder flag for SPAM and TRASH folders
845089 Thunderbird build config changes in a world
648980 Add build system hooks for allowing applications to provide their own configure options and autoconf…
781333 Use 2x images for HiDPI Thunderbird UI
829208 External API build busted after bug 807678
866223 Compose windows are no longer recycled
852252 Daily: latest update : no mail folders visible
856350 new tag dialog stopped working
283425 Add prefs UI for option to disable (don't show) the new-message tray icon
850466 do some trivial optimisations in mailnews/base/utils/folderUtils.jsm
616229 crash [@ nsMsgXFGroupThread::SetMsgHdrAt(unsigned int, nsIMsgDBHdr*)]
840230 replace nsISupportsArray variable mailnews/base/src/nsMessenger*Integration.*::mFoldersWithNewMail
834612 building Mozilla fails because of NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS in mailnews/import/oexpress/nsOEScanBoxes.cpp
844599 Implement Bug 842913 on comm-central (Rename winstripe->windows, pinstripe->osx, gnomestripe->linux)
263736 Group by sort feature with sort by "Date" uses "Old Mail" in RSS folders and newsgroup
817468 color of attachment bar with wide view layout different from other layouts
747325 'Error parsing template: expected <content> to be first' when opening virtualFolderListDialog.xul
849215 Overlay grain.png on the Chat Pane.
655428 "Reply with Template" Filter replies to From field, not Reply-To field
480843 Implement memory reporter for mailnews
855631 Get New Messages for all accounts does not work
847187 Permaorange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/build/xpcshell/tests/dom/mobilemes…
519252 consider builder newsgroup link in a safer way
844373 clean up _flagNameList iterating in mail/base/content/folderPane.js
514134 usage of sprintf in Address book code
514136 Increase the size of the char array for imap command tag
848477 Extensions are not allowed to use custom folders for mail storage
855135 Change link and signature colors in themes from hard-coded definitions to follow preferences
847172 sort entries in the "Trust junk mail headers set by" menulist
825449 Filter editor: Accesskey for 'Perform these actions' should set/move focus to first action item (at …
825452 system integration dialog says 'Skip integration' even when launched from preferences
544621 Use or remove '#ifdef HAVE_PORT' code
853309 Fix typo in comments and logs: |recieve| -> |receive|
448624 Remove imap specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog.
846706 Username is confusing in the context of creating an IRC account.
524662 Customize Headers window is prompted twice (Creating/adding customized filter header or removing it …
833399 crash in nsImapOfflineTxn::UndoTransaction
855573 Missing file(s): bin/components/layout_forms.xpt
846983 Linux bustage on package-manifest:114: Missing file(s): bin/components/dom_sms.xpt
814956 AppMenu button on Mail Toolbar of standalone message window does not work
852461 Remove growl support from comm-central
325777 "Search messages" window has mislabeled button - "File" should be "Move"
29593 [autoconfig] pre-populate the users fullname in the new mail account wizard
781466 Shortcut keys used to assign tags are not consistent with those shown in the Menu.
845807 Blue link text should be lighter by default.
832666 Remove on Win8 the fog on tabbar
845509 Checkmarks not shown on AppMenu menuitems
864417 broken observer calls in editor.js due to bug 795158
848292 Icons for special IMAP folder (Inbox, trash, ...) are not shown when folder is shared
853926 Grain texture is too light on Linux.
844463 packaging after build fails, if configure with --disable-updater
817329 "this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt" is quite invisible
863672 Port changes to comm-aurora
860093 Regression from Bug 824150: toolbox has no method getElementById()
834757 Remove [noscript] methods from nsIMimeConverter
708550 Cannot copy version string from "About Thunderbird" dialogue window (regression)
465351 Wrong message and reason reported with untrusted CA roots when signing email
824778 Add bottom border to tab toolbar
849612 Fix build problems caused by Bug 847195 [error: nsIDOMNamedNodeMap.h: No such file or directory]
858010 Display error in TB 22 using personas
794575 Tag button in header toolbar not monochrome
852690 Remaining conversion to mailServices.js in /mail/ and /mailnews/
850389 Move XPIDL variables to files
472865 umask for emails saved as a file are not respecting system umask
857575 Various UI complaints about the threadpane's header. ;)
459474 Cannot open some PDF attachments
737519 attachment1_body of nsProxySendRunnable will not be non-null terminated string.
660211 There is no way to save a custom message list column layout (as standard for new folders) nor apply …
860406 When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar
831993 convert nsISupportsArray m_serversToGetNewMailFor variable from nsPop3IncomingServer.cpp to somethin…
845819 Overlay grain.png on the Folder Pane
599036 Feeds that should open in a new window opens in a new tab.
831485 _virtualenv and mozilla/_virtualenv in each c-c objdir