Thunderbird Beta
Bug Fixes


See the complete list of Thunderbird bugs fixed by the new version.

Bug ID Summary
811920 Message list highlight bar - insufficient contrast when list is blurred
801541 dbFrozen is an intermediate variable that should just go away
543239 Filter list no longer finds and selects filter using keyboard entry.
476426 Thunderbird needs a "NO" option for the initial "Use Thunderbird as the Default Client for" dialog
498443 S/MIME interoperability problems with Eudora; add smime-type=enveloped-data parameter
800525 wrapped nick causes extra height on secondary lines
803855 Port __stdcall and ssize_t changes to comm-central
803856 Port using -mstackrealign to comm-central
803862 Port |Bug 722933 - add -MACHINE option for link.exe| to comm-central
773143 Rename MOZ_ANGLE to MOZ_ANGLE_RENDERER [Port |Bug 772457 Remove compile-time option to disable ANGL…
807451 Remove nsISignatureVerifier and/or nsISignatureVerifier::VerifySignature
802334 Port |Bug 799391 - Remove libiw check| to comm-central
804639 Package breakpadinjector.dll and changes from Bug 769048.
800091 in filter list dialog, indicate when a search on the filter names is applied and when there are no h…
802343 Port |Bug 557000 - Correctly set GCC_VERSION on mingw| and |Bug 797793 - Disable format warnings on …
807787 Folder pane (tree widget) on linux wastes horizontal space
802348 Port |Bug 795662 - Update libpng to version 1.5.13| to comm-central
801582 Line length in the new IRC chat module not restricted or restrictable by option
802352 Port |Bug 797049 - Disable C4351 as an MSVC warning about a change to be standards-compliant in MSVC…
802098 Make nsIMsgComposeSecure scriptable
810711 Port |Bug 677159 - Don't allow to include config/ twice| to comm-central
792074 Earlybird's displayed keyboard shortcut for Chat (Ctrl+Shift+C) has no effect
806581 Translate Facebook Chat
807488 Remove build support for Photon, Irix and old Unix platforms
805953 create a shared function to determine account tree row to click for account manager test files, inst…
545859 Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and…
798789 Enable gcc -Werror=conversion-null for gcc >= 4.5 for comm-central (port bug 778980)
805446 <Delete> key in Feed Subscriptions window does not work as expected
802375 Port |Bug 697064 - Remove MOZ_CHECK_HEADERS(mmintrin.h) from| to comm-central
371174 In <ComposerCommands.js>, 3 strict "Warning: redeclaration of property", caused by function redeclar…
803914 Port |Bug 791305 Use libjpeg's color conversion code instead of our own| to comm-central
250187 Reply all automatically converts multiple TO recipients to CC (should preserve original destination …
808524 remove unused folderTargetPopup class and binding
812877 Rename purpleConversation -> prplConversation where appropriate
814414 Menu entries for chat still shown in AppMenu when set to false
810637 HUGE memory consumption when downloading headers for large IMAP folder with old profille (problem wh…
787794 fix some JS strict mode warnings that appear at Thunderbird startup
668756 decimal separator according to TB locale version
812375 Remove content_xtf.xpt from package manifest
812246 Build bustage - error: nsMsgRDFDataSource.h - invalid use of member 'nsMsgRDFDataSource::mObservers'…
804955 View button in Message security of Compose window does nothing when the address has no certificate
735717 chat - toolbar icon and tab icon are different
802704 [OS X] add LSApplicationCategoryType to the info.plist
390331 Thunderbird does not configure Word XP (2002) "File, Send To: Mail Recipient" options
809573 opening attached .eml file triggers TypeError: msgHdr.folder is null
801383 Build is failing in comm-central MailNews code since m-c Bug 779473
360809 Default Client options disabled after making TB the default mail or news client (system integration …
806762 Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 792180 (error: ‘NS_UNLIKELY’ was not declared in this scope)
454507 Contexts menu for links in emails "Copy Link Location" and "Copy" both uses C as accesskey
799596 Thunderbird is unusable after bug 565717 landed
800877 8BITMIME keyword ignored, BODY=8BITMIME absent in 8bit transfers.
802365 Sync NSS and NSPR versions in between comm-central and mozilla-central
271730 UI elements/widgets/controls in compose window should be disabled while the message is being sent (e…
794739 Check Now button to make Thunderbird the default mail/news/rss application does nothing
809321 Source and destination overlap in mempcy in nsMimeRebuffer.cpp
812921 Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 4
785274 Should return the error of CreateUnique in nsFolderCompactState::Init().
800123 Don't hard code the contact photos in cardDialog
809853 Thunderbird Nightly on Mac and Linux is broken (doesn't start - Couldn't load XPCOM)
436606 "ASSERTION: RemoveCurrentDraftMessage can't get draft id" involving message compose window
783491 tweak outdated code in mail/base/content/FilterListDialog.js
807303 Unprefix "-moz-initial" in comm-central
808328 Port |Bug 797745 - Move l10n-merge/relativesrcdir logic from into, allow jar.m…
801559 Remove unused nsIMdbCompare
808399 Remove build support for BeOS and VMS
728385 [10.8] Include support for Mountain Lions "Notification Center" into Thunderbird
749200 merge sortAccounts() function in AccountManager.js and serverCompare() in folderWidgets.xml
805266 Avoid extra make pass in mime/public
495318 add support for LIST (SUBSCRIBED) part of IMAP LIST-EXTENDED command (RFC 5258)
736661 outgoing server (SMTP) cannot be highlighted even though selected
767897 Change access key of joinChatMenuItem
807066 Port changes to CL_INCLUDES_PREFIX and to comm-central
816028 LIST (SUBSCRIBED) command to Zimbra server with shared folders causes crash in Zimbra and results in…
804001 The "Check now" button in advanced preferences should be "Check now..." after bug 595723
804004 Convert rest of Account manager files to Services.jsm and mailServices.js
804008 Convert mailnews/base/content/folderWidgets.xml to mailServices.js
795562 nsNntpIncomingServer allows to subscribe twice to the same newsgroup
777287 try to remove some unneeded XUL elements in the filter editor dialog
782738 crash at mail startup [@ nsParseNewMailState::MoveIncorporatedMessage]
339887 Options > Format menu is unclear: should be "Send format" or similar
210608 build warnings in nsImapMailFolder
812212 SeaMonkey trunk fails to compile (nsIPop3Service.idl)
796085 fix some "warning: variable 'rv' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]" gcc warnings in /mail…
799451 Can't remove attachment with keyboard in forwarded e-mail
536248 Accounts are always expanded by default in account settings window
465339 Find a sensible way around building in mailnews when touching mailnews/base, or document it everywhe…
392848 message filter condition order incorrect within the list after editing (rule added to the end (botto…
812999 Specify stable revisions for extensions in comm-central's using commented-out variables
798669 nsImapMailFolder::GetOfflineMsgFolder should be made accessible to js
795085 linux external api builds fail (nsString.h include in gfx/src/nsRegion.h)
669136 crash [@ nsParseMailMessageState::FinalizeHeaders()], [libSystem.B.dylib@0x4123b | ParseString | nsP…
810707 Port |Bug 704313 - Add proper, overridable <stdint.h> support to mfbt| to comm-central
787925 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-cloudfile-backend-yousendit.js | test-cloudfile-backen…
779990 "Advanced..." button in Server Settings is in the wrong place
80855 fix hostnameIsIllegal() to properly check validity of hostnames and be more robust
806616 Port |Bug 740854 - Remove SYSTEM_MAKEDEPEND and MOZ_NATIVE_MAKEDEPEND and associated crap| to comm-c…
792793 Remove growl support from comm-central
810714 Port |Bug 755724 part A - add makefile variable DIST_SUBDIR to ship code to a subdirectory of dist/b…
678351 dirSvc in mailShutdown.js should be an nsIDirectoryService
525024 Account manager does not allow properties with '.' such as
762594 Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft
813691 Phishing toolbar needs to be updated to use new nsIUrlListManager interface
786404 Twitter stops downloading tweets until user goes Offline and then back Online
133605 nsIMsgCompFields::[Set|Get]NewsHost is identical to nsIMsgCompFields::[Set|Get]NewspostUrl
363238 saved searches fail for searches on x-headers
315367 Filters' Folder picker ['Copy To' and 'Move To'] is unusable with large numbers of folders
798952 Move sanitizeDialog.css to mail subdirectory
516240 Message > Archive does not work for .eml files or emails from attachments (cannot use archive comman…
801261 Adopt editContactOverlay to new light coloring
775665 Change Filter Context UI to checkboxes
810709 Port |Bug 792685 - Add a way to have automagically inherited variable definitions in Makefiles| to c…
803574 Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_nntpPassword2.js application crashed
803834 Port Python version / virtual environment changes to comm-central
371195 odd "left" and "right" arrow images in the "Previous" / "Next" buttons in the table properties dialo…
810573 Port Bug 737786 to comm-central - Switch from :-moz-placeholder to ::-moz-placeholder (pseudo-class …
793599 convert mailnews/base/prefs/content/am-junk.js to Services.jsm